Torker Dx

I just bought a new 2007 Torker DX and before i go riding i wanted to know if i should modify anything (tighten certain bolts, adjustments, etc.). I am fairly advanced at trials and jump off things up to about 6 feet. Should i be taking any precautions to prevent bending or breaking or is it pretty much indestructible? :thinking:


Totally indestructible, this things can take a beating and still beg for more. :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks A Lot!

Make sure your spokes are tight, and the rim is true.

I had to spend 10 minutes or so on mine before I rode it.

the seat…
the frame … even the 07, i think the way they reinforced it is retarded, it is only good for looks

pedals, seat post clamp (tightening the screws down to much, the screws broke), seat base, my friend has bent (we think) his cranks off repeated 7 sets.

either your friend is big, or he bent his pedals, he probably didn’t bend his cranks off 7 sets

my seatpost clamp is broken
my seat plate is fixed because it was broken
my handle hurts like heck
my frame is tweaked
my cranks click
my uni is annoying
the seat gets REALLY uncomfortable if it isn’t in the exact right spot.

thanks for listening to my whining HAH

he is maybe 120-130pounds. he broke the pedals accidentally bashing them into a pole

Now I’m worried if I even made a good choice.

You did, only a selection of people have broken stuff, I have had both the trials and the muni 06 DXs since they came out and I haven’t broken anything and I’ve been riding them really hard although I changed the pedals to plastic to be easier on my shins. The DX is an amazing unicycle for the price. Theres another thread right in this forum about a guy who prefers his DX over is KH, its all personal preference and I doubt you will have any trouble with things breaking. It seems to be a trend that people like bragging about all the parts they break, it really blows the issue out of proportion.

Don’t second guess your choice, it was a good one.

L*l I htin kI found the anti torker! Hi skim ^-^. Ok well ints not indesctructable, no one knows this better than me ;-). But it is very strong! Just keep it tight, and in about 4 months when your frame breaks buy a numbus very few have broken those!

haha, you called me skim! im surprised you remember that.

that said, i don’t think as many people are going to break the 07 frame.

I know i won’t break when i get 1. It’s a awesome unicycle. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There are too many Torker DX threads. Stop making new ones, just post in the old ones.

That works too. Good point also Tomahawk :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

…until you have it for 6 months and it snaps in half ::evil laugh::
ahh Jk
don’t worry about it breaking, you won’t break anything w/ the exception of a seat stiffener (all of which break, there are none…stock anyways that will not break, you need a carbon fiber one, or fiberglass(maybe… i’m starting to experiment w/ it soon… just need to make the mold, everything else is ready.

dont worrie skrobo and cody are good at breaking stuff. skrobo couse he dosent matinence his uni properly and cody breaks stuff just cause he can.

you wont be able to break it

breaking frames has what to do w/ maintaining things properly?
and seat stiffeners… are you supposed to shine them up once a month?
and you’re supposed to get a seatpost rewelded 5 times a year right?

sorry if thats kinda harsh, but i maintain my stuff well, it just breaks because I am not going to let my uni hold me back from doing anything, and thats all there is to it.

yeah as a matter of fact you are:D

diddnt i hear you say that you tightened your seat clamp way to tight and it broke and then you started complaining about how bad it was??? oh well maby its just your tendancy to break things