Torker DX

I have been riding now for about 5 months now. I can go up and down curbs, hop in place as long as I want, ride seat in front, go off road, down hills, and up hills, but my Torker CX is kind of small for me considering im about 6’. The seat post is too low and it doesn’t have a handle either. I’ve been looking at other unicycles for sale and from what I’ve read, I think I want to buy the Torker DX. The kind of riding I want to do is trials/street, and Muni. I think the DX is the right unicycle for me but I don’t have $260 bucks lying around. Also, my parents don’t want to buy me a brand new unicycle since I just got into the sport. They are probably going to buy me a new seat with a handle and maybe buy the DX for Christmas or sometime later. Anyways, I was just wondering if you guys had any advice on if i should buy a DX used or new, or if I should buy a different uni, or what type of handle i should get, etc. Thanks.:slight_smile:

Dont buy one second hand unless the frame has been replaced, if you can’t buy something better then i’d recommend torker. Comes with the KH style saddle which has a KH style handle… thats what you want for street/trials

DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON A NEW SADDLE FOR YOU CX! If you get a handle, then you will be able to hop higher, and you will break your uni. Never put money into a cheap uni like that.

What are other good trials/street unis that aren’t too expensive?

the is the DX which is $200. Qu_ax which is $300.
nimbus hoppley is $350. onza is $400. KH is $460.

You could set your self up custom like
-20" rounded crown colored nimbus frame-$25
-Qu-ax hub and crank set-$125
-Nimbus trials rime-$35
-United sadle-$19(get two free! I like the one I’m borrowing)
-Torker Lx seat post-$12
-Maxxis creepy crawler-$30
-Odyssey twisted PC platform pedals-$11
Then get spokes from danscomp and get a freind to build your wheel or your bike shop (friend id cheaper:D )
Total-$257- About the same as the dx but lighter. That is probaly one of the cheapest ways to get a good splined trials uni. Or go here:

look at the bottom. It’s the 2005 dx with free shiping and only $169.

take a look at some of the nimbus trials unicycles on

First of all, why would he get the united seat when he was just telling us that he wants a comfy one with a handle? Bad choice, I suggest any of the KH seats. The 2005 torker DX is not a trials unicycle he told us he wants to ride trials, street and muni. I do not recommend building your first trials uni, especially when you aren’t sure of what you want. I say go with either the new torker DX or the Qu-ax.

If he’s going for cheap, I suggest the Nimbus gel, it’s $15 less, and comparably comfortable. but not for the CX, for the new uni.

The LX seat post only fits the LX and miyata seats…

Oh well the lx is a good seat. And teh 2005 torker dx will do just fine. All he needs is a trials tyre. It has a splined hub wich is what is most important.

Too bad the 2005 DX will not fit a trials tire. Also, if he did what you jsut said, he would also need to buy a trials rim, because 19 inch trials tires only fit on 19 inch trials rims. Then after that, he would have to buy a new set of spokes, get the rim built and tensioned.

Now he has a good wheelset, but the 2005 frame, and the whole 2005 DX is mainly a splined freestyle uni, so its not gonna fit his wheelset anymore. So now he has to go buy a new frame. Luckily, the DX bearings are only 40s, which means he can get any frame as long as it has 40mm bearing holders or bigger, because he can shim his bearings to fit bigger frames.

After buying the new frame he has to make sure the seat tube diameter is the same as the seatpost he is getting, cause if it isnt, then your gonna need another seatpost. Then you gotta make sure the post has the same bolt pattern as your seat, or else the seat wont fit.

Customizing a uni isnt as easy as a lot people on here seem to think it is. All the time I see people just throwing together parts they they like the best and think are cool. None of that matters if they dont fit. You gotta make sure everything you plan to buy will fit with each other.

If he buys the 2005 dx (which has free shipping to the US) and gets a rim and tyre he’s good to go. Or he could put a 20" slick on:) And make a street uni.

The he would have to go through the trouble of lacing the wheel. Seriosly, if you get a DX get the 06 or 07

Just get a new DX from on their ebay store. they cost $250 and I got the 2007 when i bought mine and I love it.

EDIT: I just got into the sport too. I had a uni with cottered cranks which I broke. my brother had an LX that i liked so I thought I should just get and LX. Thankfully I got smart and went DX because my brother wieghs like 85 punds and His cranks are really bent and he doesn’t do any extreme stuff. I’m 145 and I cant imagine what would have happened if I’d got an LX. he’s thinking about getting a KH ISIS Moment now.

I agree with the saddle thing.

But how the hell will a handle make you hop higher?!?

I have tried both and I can hop higher holding on to the back of the seat while SIF and their ain’t no handle in the back!

The DX looks like a good uni. But also you get what you pay for. I recomend to save up and get something better like the Qu-ax or the Nimbus hoppley.

I mean on the CX, there is a bumper on the front that is about 1" wide, and its pretty hard to hop. Much easier with a handle, making it easier to get hight.

Did I mention that the $250 includes shipping?

The handle helps, of course it wont help you doing SIF, but with SIF the saddle becomes the whole handle, and you can tuck like crazy doing SIF, which usually amounts to a higher hop.

Back on the 2006 DX, you would get what you paid for, a super strong trials uni that would have a frame breaking off it in about 6 months. Now, you get way more than you pay for. The frame wont break, and the wheelset is amazing. Your not gonna break the DX wheelset until you start going to 10 foot drops. I constantly do drop ranging from 3-8 feet on mine, and its still as good as the day I bought it.

Also, comparing the DX and Qu-Ax, strength wise, they are pretty much identical. The Qu-Ax weighs half a pound less though.

If you can save up a little more to get the Hoppley, do it. But wait, why not save up just a little more, and get a Koxx? Wit, save for another week and afford to buy the KH.

Choice is yours. =p