torker dx

i want a dx but is the weight a factor and r the threads good for wheel walking as well as hopping? will cranks strip or anything break easy?


or the best unicycle for under 200 for flatland and street ive been practicing new tricks lately and have stripped my cranks twice on my first unicycle torker cx 20" i want a 20" thats durable and good for new tricksand good for 3-4 foot drops is the dx more for free ride

get a Nimbus, not a Torker. nimbus are lighter, compatible with more different parts(like KH moment cranks) and cooler. Get a Nimbus with KH moment cranks and it will last longer than a Torker DX.

The Torker dx is just ok

Much stronger than a square hub, the dx is ok as a used buy for the right price. Say, if looks ok and is 100 ish USA $. That would be better than a new Lx.

Like Jako ^ said, the Nimbus is a better deal buying new for around 250 $ ish. It never helps to search for deals as the market changes. You want to look for an ISIS- crank , name brand uni for the best price. :slight_smile:


wait…aren’t torkers great if you want quality?
no i am not just saying this because I have one…


Part prices and interchangability

Torker Dx cranks are rare, cost 30 % more than KH, and are not the cool ISIS interchangables.

Orphan 30 $/pr (the most expensive I know of, as long as you can find them) bearings, and a frame a bit porcine in comparison to others, oh yeah, and the sub KH level seat. Anyway, still not a bad buy as a used uni for 100 ish USD, much more bullet proof than any square hub starter uni. A Dx used as a starter uni might last several hundred years. As a muni or trials, it is not so much that the Dx series is bad, it is just dated. There is better choices if you are buying new today.:slight_smile:

r the cranks stronger?

dx cranks are not stronger than nimbus or KH.

I’m going to list unicycles from strongest to weakest.

Quax, KH, Nimbus, Koxx, Torker

well, i really dont know where koxx fits, but thats what it is.