Torker DX

any comments on the Torker DX? stong? good quality? problems?

I’m riding a 24" Torker DX, I dont know witch year but it’s the one with the red DX32 rim and red cranks. I’ve been riding it since last winter. The wheelset is really strong, but the whole uni is really heavy. My frame started to crack in front of the neck so I just brought a Nimbus Muni frame before it broke. The only thing I really dont like about it is the cranks, they got the nubs so they can do some bad ankle bites. The only problem I had is the frame that cracked, I flatspoted my rim and the cranks are now making alot of noise when I pedal. But I like it much better with my Nimbus frame now. Overall, it’s heavy, strong wheel, good for Muni riding and Wuni riding.

Don’t get a Dx get a Nimbus. A Nimbus is lighter, stronger (I think), and more compatible with more parts. You can get a Nimbus at one of these UDC’s.