torker dx: weld or replace

so after my ride today, i noticed that the weld between seatpost and crown was beginning to break. i pushed on it a bit to see if it was going to break before i got back to my car, but the crack in the weld just got a tiny bit bigger when i pressed on it. my question is, if i like this uni should i have it rewelded or should i replace it and get a new frame?

(this thing took a lot of abuse, btw. the dx is a good uni)

Mine snapped clean off and I rewelded it and got a new frame. That was about a month and a half ago, and the weld is holding. It probably won’t last much longer though, as I can see rust. But as soon as it breaks I probably won’t get it rewelded again, I’ll just use my new nimbus frame.

how much did it cost to reweld? also, would a kh frame fit the roll-y portion of a dx

I got it done at a muffler shop for 10$. KH frame accepts 42 mm bearings, and the dx has 40mm bearings.

i say replace… nothing worse than being out on a ride and having it snap off on a big stair gap! dont bother replacing it with a KH frame unless your planning on replacing your wheel too, haha. Um, if you really want to use a kh frame all you’ll need to do is shim it with some soda cans… No problems there except you’ll have a KtorkerH

i agree, i’ve never broken a frame before, but i can’t imagine slamming a seat & post into my groin from landing sif would feel good so i’m gonna call up the body shop tommorrow and see if i can get it welded. i don’t know if you meant it to be a joke or not, is the soda can trick gonna mess up anything or come loose? do i just cut little strips and put them around the berrings?

the soda can trick is a great trick.

you just put it around the bearing and it fits into a 42mm frame.

You can either shim the the 40mm DX wheelset to fit the 42mm KH Holders, but its a costy frame.


You can for 40 something dollars plus shipping, get a Nimbuss II frame, that is the same size as the DX 40mm bearing, and it only weighs 2 pounds.

Get a new frame. The metal on the dx is WEAK and it will just break again. I’m getting a nimbus x frame(It’s in Hodjkins right now…).

two my friends had that happen with is 06 model, they complained to Torker and they replaced it without question, plus they gave him a newer model with an extra peice at the spot where it broke. strangely enough, my 05 model hasn’t had any problems and I’ve been harder on it than either of them have been on theirs, though.

ohh, maybe it is an 06, i’ll try asking torker, thanks

Torker has a good warranty. Use it.