torker Dx vs. Qu-Ax (please let me know)

Irvinegr, what from this conversation has made you prefer the Qu-ax? The torker is slightly heavier, which will just improve your strength but the cranks are a more reasonable size and the rim and pedals are both better. I personally have a 24" DX, and if I were to purchase a trials I think I would go torker again. They however are both nice unicycles for the money!

The Qu-Ax is heaps better, torker is a bicycle brand and isn’t that good quality. The Qu-AX has a better hub/crankset, if you don’t like 145’s just order it with 127’s. The qu-ax has a better seat and a better frame and is lighter. But you should probly save up a little bit more and get a koxx devil :slight_smile:

The Qu-Ax does have long cranks, as said before. Several timew when I have turned at a slant I hit the pedals on the ground. Other than that, it is lighter, the seat is smaller, and the pedals dont stick so much :smiley:

and it looks cool too!

the Qu-ax is better than the old '05 torker but I think the qu-ax and '06 torker are very comparable. Torker has really learned how to make a unicycle with the new 2006 DX.

The DX is a great uni for the money, i have one, it is a tad heavy, but it takes a beating and has so far dropped off anything i’ve wanted to drop it off of.

Got my boy a Torker 24" Unistar DX for X-Mass. I am not impressed. Fit and finnish are crude. Bearings are busted all ready and am waiting for replacements. Torker has their own secret sized bearings that you can’t get anywhere else. It looks good on paper, but in reality, it’s not worth the money. If I could do it over again I would have spent more and gotten the Qu-Ax. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing. Go with the Qu-Ax.

It is too bad to hear that there are some duds out there, I got my DX for christmas as well and have been riding it pretty hard, I’ve had no problems with it at all and am so far quite pleased.

i had the same problem with my bearings. i just called them up and they sent me some new ones. torker was really helpful. my freinds pedal broke because i think we put the pedal on backwards and ther are sending neww crank and pedal. the warrenty is great. I prefer the new torker frame because it reminds me of the summit, super super solid and rigid. kinda heavy but its worth the weight for strength. and the rim is better. i tink you should get the torker.

get what ever you want but make shure you dont regret anything if anything goes wrong.
hope that helps

i have had a torker 20" '06 since a few days b4 xmas and its a mean uni, it does weigh more than some other uni’s i have been able to sample, tho i can only be delighted by it.
that said… the pedals are crappy, and have broken the other day (doing pedal grabs) and i can still hop higher than most riders in my country on it.

the qu-ax frame will take some getting used to (as much like the koxx-one and nimbus the crowns are very sticky-outy) and the torker frame is very nice to ride.
IMHO you should ride as many uni’s as you can and then make a descision based on feel. I like the weight of the torker as its nice and stable, but koxx-one devil and kh’s are nice and light, so if you cant hop high, then use every advantage you can get

Are you sure that the 20" Qu-Ax doesn’t come with an Alex DX32 rim? My 24" Qu-Ax came with one and from the pictures I can find it looks like it comes stock on a 20" also.

Yes, the newer Qu-Ax’s come with a Qu-Ax rim. My qu-ax trials has a qu-ax rim. I think its like the narrowest 19" trials rim… The Alex DX rim is a lot better, I wish mine had it.

i finally got my dx thanks for every bodies imput on this thread you were a great help in my choice

Well, how do you like it so far?

how much do you weigh?
and what type of drops do you take the dx off of?
i weigh like 180 how much drops could i take it off of stock, without it breaking?

about 80kg when geared up with 661’s etc and i take it off what ever size drops i want (largest would be about 6ft+/-) but in saying that, i almost always roll out of my drops (technique is good)

I weigh about 130 pounds and have done six footers, with good rollouts, on the 24" DX.

my dx is pretty great but i have a question for all you dx owners …is it just me or is the seat on the dx increasingly hard 2 do any seat in front hopping…i cant pull up on the seat as hard with this saddle…is there any way 2 fix this with out getting a new saddle?


practise and if all else fails, change the foam.