torker Dx vs. Qu-Ax (please let me know)

in the near future im thinking 2 get a new trials uni…but i cant decide between a torker Dx or a Qu-Ax 20 inch splined trials unicycle…im really not sure which it better , more durable, from what height cant it be droped, how much do they weigh(it dousnt say oun UDC.

help please

Okay, the Torker DX probally is a little heavier, although I’m not sure of they’re exact weight. The Torker is also a less expensive if money is an issue.

As for drop height/strength, both can easily take 6+ foot drops with a good landing*. I’ve heard of people doing an 8 footer on the QU-AX, but that all depends on how you land. However, the Torker has a wider and more stronger rim, the Alex DX 32 19" trials rim, which is a well known rim as apposed to the QU-AX brand rim.

Another difference, is the QU-AX comes with 147mm cranks, the Torker with 127mm. No particualar one size is better than the other, but you may prefer one over the other.

  • In other words, a good landing would be were you immediatly roll away from the drop, a bad landing would be one were you land flat, and dont roll away from it at first, thus putting more force onto the cranks and wheel.

thank you
that helps so much…they need 2 put stuff like that in the details on UDC

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

UDC gives some info, but they dont want to go around saying one uni is better than the other, they want the bussiness.

Another minor detail, the Torker DX has better stock pedals than the QU-AX. The Torker has removable pinned pedals which are more grippy, and the pedal is probally a little stronger. But thats just a small detail, and shouldnt influence your decision much.

I’m getting a Torker Dx for Christmas. My best friend has a Qu-Ax and its pretty nice. I’d sat get a Qu-Ax.

what´s the reason youre getting a Torker if you recomend this guy to go for the Qu-ax ?

i have a dx. its holding up grrrrreattttte!
you should geta a torker for these reasons

  1. the are beautiful and shiney
  2. they held up perfect with no loose spokes
  3. i go off 6 foot drops(about 5 times so far)
  4. a super strong rim
  5. i have it and i recomended it.
  6. a comfy seat.

i recomend the dx because of the above…(dont mind #5)

hope that helps…

 P>S>-7. the pined pedals. the are very grippy but they hurt really bad on a failed uni spin or a sliping foot on a glide( ive got the scars to prove it)


The seat is comfy, but it is very large. Not very good for seat in front hops. I think the QU-AX has a slightly thinner seat, but I’m not sure on that.

I think they have the same seats. I think they are both velo with different names on them.

Nope, the seats are plainly different. Both are very simalar to the KH seats, but the Qu-ax is slimmer.

thats why you trim them and get the better unicycle =)

probably money issues :roll_eyes:

I’m hoping to get the Qu-Ax for christmas, mostly because its almost just as good as the Torker and my borther already has a Torker. :smiley:

qu-ax looks SO much cooler than torkers. Yellow and black it obviously the coolest possible color scheme ever.

the cranks on the qu-ax look just a little too long. the pedals probably hit the ground a lot.

I dont really hit the ground on them, but it feels slow and sluggusg when riding.

Oh I hit my Qu-ax’s pedals on the ground a lot. I find the stock cranks to be a tad too long.

Yeah, the teeth can give you some wicked cuts, which is why I’m hoping to get some extra skins for christmas. You can, however, take off a lot of them, but there are 4 on each pedal that seem impossible to remove…

In my opinion, the DX is a great unicycle for trials (aside from its weight…kinda bulky), and quite nice for muni-ing as well.

I totally agree with you…i love my dx, even though it’s an '05, i have still taken it off of a couple of four foot drops and it doesn’t squeak yet…and it’s pretty light (compared to my last uni)

from reading this i think that the Qu-ax is a better unicycle… i mmight be getting it…