Torker DX/Unicycle stand question

I received my new 20" Torker DX Thursday from PriceThumper on E-bay!!:slight_smile:
It is an awesome uni!! The problem I have is that it comes with a 2 piece stand and I cant seem to figure out how to use it. I have already searched the forum for answers, but to no avail. Does anyone out there have a DX w/a 2 piece stand who can help with pics of how to use the stand? Thanx!

mine is a one peice stand that your peddle goes through & supports it but i dont know about a 2 piece stand

i have the same stand and bought my unicycle from the same store on ebay, i couldnt figure it out at first, so i just stopped trying. i think i saw a picture on here of someone with a DX in that stand, but i didnt look at it hard enough. Wow, that was no help at all

I have one.
With the frame assembled, move the unicycle’s cranks to a vertical position. the top crank goes through the top part of the stand and the base of the top crank (where it meets the axle) rests on the middle support bar of the stand - there is a little groove for it to rest on properly.

Hope I explained this well enough.

Thanx for the help guys. I tried your advice, and still couldnt get it exactly right. I just decided to use my old one piece stand and it works fine!!

check this out, cuzit helped me with my dx 2 piece stand

Reach around your arse to touch your elbow

Take the hook around the inside of the crank and the hub sits on the lower protrusion. It’s counterintuitive-- think what you might see as backwards and slide it around your crank that way. Pull it down and set the hub on the flat part. Now attach the hook arm and unicycle to the floor stand.

Crank= I
Hook arm stand= C
Backwards hook arm stand= )

C wraps I and = I o CI not I o )I

Pay attention to which way the hook is facing and you’ll get it.

that’s the pictue i saw! thanks

ya i just realized that theway its done in that picture puts alot of stress on the axle though so im not going to do it. o well

this is how my LX and 2 part stand works

Well I thought I had my uni on the stand correctly but apparently not if it puts stress on the axle. I GOT MY UNI FROM price_thumper aswell!:DIt’s one big happy family! but yeh if thats not how it goes then I also need help. Don’t want to ruin my brand new DX!

How so?

do my pictures help?

its so simple, you make sure the little ledge sticks out to the inside of the rectangular bottom, put your bearing cap on that, and wrap the frame around so that it rests in the groove … and the unicycle is above the rectangle… your cranks should work straight up, or down
if you set it in there w/o worrying about it it should straighten itself out for you

when I use my two part stand it scratched my unic frame

No, it doesn’t hurt the unicycle in any way.

i couldnt figure this out for a while when i got mine eather but i eventualy got it, but the frame doesnt even fit in it that well

cuz the wheel doesnt touch the ground so it puts all the weight on the axle and frame

That won’t hurt it, when you ride it you put all of your weight on the axel and it doesn’t do any harm.

the picture that I posted shows my uni and stand. that stand scratches my frame where the top loop goes around the frame