Torker DX unicycle seat

the Torker DX unicycle seat is in the 2004 Torker catalog which means you can get it through most shops that are a Torker dealer.this is great news.

it looks like a KH seat only with white bumper and handle.

at my shop it retails for $37

Cheaper than the KH velo saddle on

I ordered one of theses as soon as they were available through my LBS. After waiting about 5 weeks to reach here, I got it and installed it on my 26er. I don’t know if that was a good idea or not. After a few weeks of riding it, my Miyatas feels like they are made of stone.

The bumpers on mine are grey, the rest of the seat is black. I like the colors. The shape is identical to the KH, the base even says Velo one it. The fabric on it is formatted slightly differently. I’ll post some pics when I have time.