Torker dx trials RIM & Cranks size

I’ve been spending quite some time searching old threads but since I did not find specific comparisons (they may exist SOMEHWERE, but I gave up:( ) between the 2006 torker dx 20" trials with the Alex rim and 127mm cranks, vs the qu-ax trials with the EXTRA-LONG 145mm cranks and non-alex rim. Again, this is a specific inquiry about the rims and cranks of these particular trials unis only, not a general comparison question, as I realize that thread has been explored to the depths!

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the better rim would belong to the torker dx, as well as the more “multi purpose” crank size (127mm) , which would be good for both trials and street. And of course the dx is considerably less expensive than the qu-ax. But then there is the question of bearing quality in the torker, although I don’t know if these problems are due to excessive hard-core use and/or over-tightening the caps. It simply seems that there are pros & cons for each brand.:stuck_out_tongue:

There is no bearing issue with Torkers. There was a thread where one person tightened their bearing holders too tight and damaged them and it has somehow become “the problem” Torker bearings. Don’t base your decision on that. My 2 cents.

Hit the head on the nail.
Seriously, you took the words out of my fingers.

Agh, its a pain to keep hearing about this nonexistant problem. As has been said, just dont over tighten the bearing holders… on any uni.

Forrest, I don’t know if theres been a thread for it but I really enjoyed your billings 1_06_ video! The riding was awesome and I actually enjoyed there being no music in a uni video for a change.

You guys are completely MISSING my core question(s). Is the qu-ax RIM inferior to the torker’s Alex rim, or just as strong, i.e., no appreciable difference?

AND… Do most trials riders use longer (140+mm) or shorter (127mm) cranks? It seems that ALL the high-end trials have around 140’s, but will the longer cranks make pedal grabs, grinding, hopping/pecking/gapping or transitioning to wheel walking, gliding, coasting, then back to the pedalling any easier/harder than the shorter cranks? THANKS!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Torker’s Alex rim is generally accepted as being better because it is wider, this means there is less of a chance of the tire folding over during hops at lower tire pressure. Most will probably also argue that the Alex rim is stronger as well, but I’ve seen no proof either way as I’ve never owned the Qu-ax. The shorter cranks really shouldn’t make the transition to wheel walking, gliding and coasting any different and if it does, it would be easier. At higher speeds the wheel will also be less likely to begin to wobble during gliding with the shorter cranks. It is also often said that shorter cranks make one footed freestyle tricks easier.

The Alex DX rim is a graet trials rim. The Qu-Ax rim is narrower, and weaker, but I have done lots of bad stuff to it and it’s fine. Unless your looking for the best of the best, it’s a good trials rim.

For pure trials, 145mm cranks are the best, they just ‘feel’ more stable, etc. But if you do street as well as trials, then 127’s will make street riding and tricks smoother. A lot of people do street just fine on 145’s, including me. It really depends on what your used to.

Well thanks, I planned on making a new thread for it… but never got around to it. You think I should?

I dont see why you shouldnt!