torker dx trials or qu-ax trials

I’m trying to decide between the torker dx trials and the qu-ax trials. I’m leaning towards the Qu-ax because it seems to be better quality, but Imay be wrong. Also, the torker has 127mm cranks vs. the qu-ax which has 145mm. I’m wondering why the big difference in crank length for a 20" trials uni :thinking: They are both splined, both double walled rim, except only the Torker has an Alex rim. They are both comparably priced with the qu-ax being about $40 more. I would like to know if one is truly better than the other or if it’s really a toss up. I don’tmind spending a little extra on the qu-ax, but only if the extra $40 is justified. I would probably just go with a KH or an Onza, but since I’m a novice at trials, I assume that the torker dx or the qu-ax would be more than adequate for me. Thoughts?

My self i’d go for qu-ax

I’d would get the qu-ax. But you could get the nimbus trials if your a novice and upgrade the hub crankset when you need it.

im geting the torker dx 24 inch so i can do bothe muni and trials on it because i havent really decided yet which one im going 2 go for so i spent my money on one that can handle both
i have a thread like this torker Dx vs. Qu-Ax (please let me know)

but for the 20 inch trials i have only heard good things only one negative but thats becuase the guy got a defective uni and UDC is going 2 replace it.

so personally from what i hear i say go for the dx becouse there closley similar and the dx looks cooler…lol;)


I have been riding a qu-ax trial for 8 months, i i just love it. I would say go for it.
One thing you’ve got to have in mind about the 20/24 debate, is the proximity of the spots around your home. I live in a city and i can find a bunch of trial/street spots riding less than 20 min from home. This way i can ride everyday even if i only have 2 hours free. I am sure muniing is great, but i couldn’t practice it at such a frequency, so i am really happy of my 20" choice.

From what i heard and tried, there should be a uge difference between 127mm and 145mm cranks. The longer ones give you much more control in trial, when riding sharp objects, natural trial. With the shorter, you can go faster…


go for the qu-ax its a bit more expensive but when it comes time to replace bearings you’ll be happier with the qu-ax. plus i think the hub is stronger on the qu-ax

w00t post 300!!

Your just going to have to decide what crank length you’ll want. 145’s are better for trials, so you might want to go with that option. Other than that both unicycles are comparably solid.

I don’t know why people insist on the Torker bearings issue. As long as you keep the bearing caps properlly tightened, they’ll be fine. Same goes for any unicycle.

I disagree, I say 127s are much better for trials, I can get speed for rolling hops much easier and my landings are much smoother now.


qu-ax but he is a little heavy !!!
it’s very cool and strong:p

but just how much heavyer is the qu-ax??

yes but with any unicycle you will eventually have to get new bearings for whatever reason. the torker bearings are just a little harder to come by that all.