Torker DX Trials for sale


Long time lurker, but im selling my DX to get a 28" upgraded.




what are you looking to get out of it? If the price is right I will bid it.

Isn’t the point of bidding to see if you win with what you are ok paying for it :stuck_out_tongue: (which i clearly dont want to spend too much on it, being as i was outbid) If he knew exactly what he wanted for it, then he would have a “Buy it Now”. :smiley:

Damn reserve prices :wink:

There is no real need to hide what the reserve is, I told myself unless it goes for $160 im keeping it. So that what I set the reserve at.

Not a big fan of the buy it now feature, I have sold more than a few things were I listed it two or three times for buy it now $20 and no one even pays attention, Oh well must not be worth $20 bucks so I do a normal auction starting at $1 and the thing sells a week later for $32 ???

I agree, when I’m selling.

When I’m buying, I only go for the buy it now stuff. No time to muck around with bidding and waiting.

Makes sense, as far as the DX is concerned. Can’t explain that other thing.

I was bidding on it… but only for $100. I’m a little short on money at the moment, and i can’t really go over $130ish with shipping. Looks like I won’t be getting it this time around :). I’ll just keep saving up and see what I can get when the time is right.

Good luck on selling your DX :smiley: