Torker DX seat problem

Today i actually looked at my torker Dx and i noticed that the seat doesnt point upwards and its just… flat
So my dad took it apart and turned the seat post around and now it looks perfect! :smiley:

It’s kinda wierd because i never noticed it before, has this happened to anyone else?

PS. im not really sure if when i landed off a jump and it bent the seat… I got a really bad peddle bite (or watever u call them) today ive always wanted to do a triple ps. Do you think that when it was made they put it on backwards? :angry: :thinking: :astonished:

Sounds like you bent the top of the seatpost.


does that actually happen?

I didnt go off of any big drops today, only like 2 feet

and if i turn the seatpost around and it seems like it works fine, will that be ok? or will it damage it somehow?

HAHA, MY dx DID THE same thing.
you need to make sure and get the bolts just tight enough, and all the same torque.

oh, and your seat stiffener is more than likely broken, yes off a 2 foot drop.

Depends on where your weight is. if you aren’t holding onto the handle with all your weight on it I’d venture to say its impossible breaking the stiffener plate at 2 feet. Don’t worry about it, just ride it as is.

Ok thanks

And Im not sure Exactly how much i weigh… probably like around 80-100 pounds

yes… im that small :stuck_out_tongue:

How much does a torker DX seat post cost?

or less


ok, the reason its in all caps is that it unscrews your pedals if they are backwards… thats not good, it can easily ruin your cranks.just make sure the left crank is on the left and the right crank on the right, the frame doesn’t matter.

i was about to say somthing along those lines…more accurately, you should be riding with the crank arms on the right sides…just noticed, thats what you sayed in your explaination…:smiley:

seatposts are too easy to break/bend… when i first started riding on a decent uni i bent a seatpost going off a 1 foot drop… :astonished:

That is some bad form you have going on.


And my pedals are on the right sides :wink:

Yeah that is bad form. I went off 4ft and a couple 5’s I think with the seat post on my dx and I had decently bad form. I messed up a 5 set to break it along with my stiffener plate.

How do u check your form?

It is just landing smooth and rolling out basically if you land with all your weight going straight down into the uni it is going to put a lot more stress on it. The best thing for me was go find a set ( work your way up) and practice rolling out now that I am reasonably good at it I can backwards roll-out and stuff.

Landing with your butt hitting the front of your seat/handle, you flying forward, and the uni crashes behind you = bad form.

Landing with minimal weight going onto the seat/handle, you doing a good rollout and not going off the uni = good form.