Torker DX rim

on it says the torker DX20 has an Alex DX32 rim with 48 hole and I went to Alex’s website and it said 32 or 36 hole. Whats that all about?


You can special order rims to your specifications direct from a rim company.

Everything from the material (Aluminum, Steel, even Magnesium), down to how thick you want the material at the spoke holes…

Darren Bedford also sells DX32’s in 48 hole, 19" and 20" version.

ohh ok.

you can order that rim from any bikeshop in the United states basically. the major bike provider sells it. the rim is (only???) available undrilled

basically any rim CAN be drilled as many holes as you wish i have seen a bike w/ 51 and 47 holes… 47 for the rear and 51 for the front

I’m pretty sure all rims are shipped predrilled. And, yeah, w/ most manufacturers you can specify how many holes you want, but some will require a special order (I would say most rims if you want 48, that’s an uncommon #, except for unicycles), then cost more and take longer to get it.