TORKER DX-reliable?

my unicycle is goin to break any day now…

and i was thinkin about getting the torker DX…

is this a good cycle to get?

ive heard its a little heavy, and im not even that good at jumpin on the light uni i have now

it looks strong, which is good. im getting into street riding

are the cranks a good size for a street rider?


Yes and yes.

Just get it.

There used to be an issue with the frames breaking, but that has been resolved. Everything on it is really beefy, you would have a lot of trouble breaking it. I don’t think the weight is a very big issue, I don’t notice much of a difference when I go from my DX to a KH. And the cranks are the perfect length for street riding. This unicycle is well worth the money.

well, the one on ebay is a 2006.

does that mean it still has an issue with the frame?
or was that a while ago…

if you get the 06 dx the frame will break. no matter what you do or dont do it will break sooner or later.

its only 25 bucks to replace it with a nimbus frame so i wouldnt be worried, ive taken mine off huge jumps, and it is fine, i just need to make it lower to try crankflips on it. Great uni.

Heavy though. You get used to it.
You jump just as high as other though(i think).:smiley:

get it, even if you break the frame, it is warranteed for life, so nothing to worry about.

just-so-you know, i have broken EVERYTHING (cept the cranks) on it. I even messed up the hub, which only myself and cody have ever done as far as I know.

but seriously, i treat my uni like crap, and i ride the thing all the time, and I do big stuff (i.e. 11 sets and drops up to 10’) the seat, seatpost, and crankset are about as strong as anything stock gets. the 06 frame is breakable, but I would say 1/20-30 have broken … that said, i could break any of them, but my 07 frame is unbroken (so far, it may be breaking now, but im not sure.)

and where can i get an 07 with a warantee?

the only one i can find is the 06 on ebay. and i dont think it includes a warantee


search google, do some research, you should find one for about $250 somewhere

If it’s a new unicycle it probably comes with the manufacturer’s warranty implied. Maybe not if it’s being sold by someone who isn’t officially a bicycle dealer. I guess you’d have to ask.

For small money you get strong and heavy.
For more money you get strong and lighter.
For lots of money you get strong and real light, if it’s out there.

its not!

khs aren’t that much lighter, only like 2 lbs
most learner unis are SUPERlight compared to that.

what is your learner uni that you have now? I went from an LX to a DX and the DX seemed really heavy at first. But I got used to it and I’m extremely happy with it. But I use it for MUni.

It is damn good…I have it right now and I haven’t have any problems so far…the only problem I am running into is my pedals are starting to break because of Grinding but I think you will run into that eventually no matter what pedals you have…and the seat is starting to fall apart so yeah…but I have had mine for about 5-6 months now and it hasn’t given me a problem yet…definitely go for it…and about the whole weight thing you’ll get used to it…you will gain muscle over time.

Frame is heacy so replace it with a nimbus or somethin like that, but its a strong uni man, trust me, I know what breaks!!! Good crank length for street, but a lil painful with the nubs on the sides of the cranks. Heavy yes, but thats because they went for strength and cost, you dont want to sell your first born and you dont want to break all yo unis, this is a good uni…

i have a 20" “cyclepro”
its not a very popular brand but its super light.

i have riden the torker LX. and its just a little heavier than mine.

i just cant find an 07 model anywhere


thats what I learned on (cyclepro)
LX’s are much better, CX has a better wheelset

and the DX is good.

is the 06 that bad?

i might just get that cuz its cheeper.

im not a hardcore rider yet and i aint heavy

will it break?

It isnt as bad as pople are making it sound.

it may brake on you, it may not. Mine broke, but there are also people who ride it really hard and havent broke the frame.

If you get the 06, or 07, your gonna be getting a very strong, durable unicycle.

so even the 06 DX can be replaced by torker?

how do u do that?

just call them?

do u need some kindof warantee that comes with the uni?

Yes it can, the frame and the whole unicycle comes with a warrenty as long as you buy it brand new from your LBS or an online store.

You pretty much just have to call them or e-mail them, and tell them about what happened and then you send in the broken frame, they inspect it, and send you in a new one.