Torker Dx queston?

I have a Torker Dx and i was wondering what crank arms would fit it? what are some good up grades for one also, i am looking at putting a new seat on and new pedals and crank arms so what would you recomend?

seat and pedals isn’t a problem . . . now as for those cranks . . . . good luck :slight_smile: they’re proprietary I believe. A lot of people stay away from them for that very reason

I’m pretty sure the 04 KH’s and the Qu-ax splined cranks would fit. But those aren’t really upgrades from the Torker cranks. You can do like I’m going to do soon with my Torker DX 24 though, I’m changing my hub for a Nimbus ISIS 48 holes and my cranks for KH Moments. If my rim ever breaks or Taco I will mount a 32 hole rim on it.

As for the seat, KH Freeride…

What seat and pedals do you recommend. I ride tight technical terrain and long fire roads and snow and mud?

How much would a strong wheel cost

The seat you could modify your Torker foam, I did it and it’s the most comfy seat I have! Or KH Freeride.

For the pedals, I just like the big platform pedals with long pins. I ride Odyssey Jim C. with HUGE pins:p

Did you cut down your seat?

04 KH no (if I remember correctly), Qu-Ax 10 spline yes. That is assuming you don’t have the new one (which the frame is made of tubes).

The Qu-Ax’s come in 125, 145, 170 mm. So if a different length is what you want that could be a good pick. These cranks also have more Q-factor so that may also be a reason to get them or a reason not to (some people like it, like me and some don’t).

I have the 170’s on My DX muni and like them a lot better than the stock cranks. 170 is a tad long for me (I’ve ridden Munis w/ 165’s and like that length much better overall). The extra Q gives me a lot better control over rough terrain, and hitting the crank nubs much less problematic.

More Q-factor can cause more high speed wheel wobble, and I’ve heard skinnies harder.

So you think the qx cranks will fit a 2009 torker dx?


Is the 09 ISIS? Don’t know what that is? If there is a pinch bolt then no, if yes than yes.

If yes, you could use the new qu-ax cranks, again with no pinch bolt.

If no then yes, according to this thread, you could use the older pinch bolted qu-ax style cranks.

If it is isis, let me suggest the kris holm moments. Awesome cranks.

It’s pinch bolt where can I get it?


Maybe UDC, I dont know if they still have them though. You have to look the for Qu-ax Splined cranks, not ISIS. It should fit. But why would you change your Torker cranks?

Longer cranks means more tork better climbing for Muni.