Torker DX questions

I just ordered a DX and I would like to Know If the DX32 is a double or tripple walled rim. also I would like some feedback on what the limits on this thing are so i dont bust it. :roll_eyes:

The Alex DX 32 is a double walled rim. Limits will be based a lot on your level of roll out skill upon landing.

there are no known limits on the 07 DX
gah, it would be so awesome if they send me a whole new uni, not to scare you or anything, I didn’t hold anything back, if i thought of something I went for it. I broke the seat, frame, twisted the rim :), the cranks had a slight slop in them, the pedals were cracked, the handle had stress marks, and the seatpost clamp didn’t work correctly, I think they gave me the wrong one

i have jumped almost 10 feet and landed completely sideways and the rim was not bent at all, just a tiny bit twisted :slight_smile:

On the 05 right skrobo?

I have the 06 version, and the 07 is jsut the same, but a frame that wont break on you.

On mine, I have done drops from curbs to 8+ foot drops. Lots of drops where I go off them, land, then realize I jsut did an overhead sized drop.

I alos do plenty of crank/pedal grabs, grinding, and plenty of falling and having my uni topple over stairs and rocks and whatever I am riding on.

It can take a mighty beating.

haha ya… brings back a memory when i first got it. I went on a trail for the first time on my new muni and the first rock I hit i fell forward, the unicycle fell down, hit like 96,000 rocks then tumbled down until the pedal got caught on a tree. Luckily I wasn’t wearing clipless pedals.