Torker DX question

Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking for a while, but this is my first post.

I’ve been riding for about 3 months now and just folded the rim in half on my 24" Torker CX (I know, I know. It was just a starter to decide if this was something I would stick with or not). I need to replace my setup with something more suitable for my weight(190 and losing, I was 210 when I started on one wheel).

I can’t afford the KH24 so my plan was to buy a KH24 wheelset and put it on a Yuni frame. Unfortunately doesn’t have enough KH24’s to split one up like this. so…

I am now thinking about buying a 24" Torker DX with the splined hub/cranks and taking the wheelset off of it, slapping on a 24x3.0 tire and putting it on a Yuni frame. I haven’t found much info as to the durability of this wheelset. Anyone have experience they would like to share, or know anything about the rim that’s included on the DX? The product description on the Torker site just says “Alex Alloy black with polished sides (48 spoke)”. If the rim isn’t so great, how much is that offset by the fact that it is a 48 spoke? Does the higher spoke count make a substantially stronger wheel?

I do a lot of hopping up/down stairs, curbs, and other things less that 2 feet. I also ride off-road fairly often, but no big drops.

Any info that anyone can offer would really help me out.


Why don’t you consider the Nimbus 24 muni. Really good frame. KH (Velo) seat. Comes with a 24X3 tire. Less than $200.00 and if you need, or want to, down the road, you can upgrade the hub to a splined hub. Until you upgrade, you have a very good Muni with 24X3 tire.

If you’re killing wheels, you’re right to consider something with a splined hub, you’ll probably progress to being the sort of person who breaks square taper cranks quite quickly. The nimbus is a good muni, but not designed for riding really hard.


Thanks for the advice. You have expressed my concerns with the Nimbus Muni (and the fact that shows it out of stock til August rules it out). Given my weight, I am afraid I will continue to ruin wheels and hubs/cranks, thus my mentioning the Torker DX which has a splined setup, although with a weak rim.

My wife is telling me to just buy the KH24 (I think to save her sanity for the most part) and quit scheming to save money now that I will just have to spend later anyway. So, I will likely comply with her request and order one.

Any folks out there around my weight (190) want to share experiences with the KH24?

The DX is a real nice unicycle for the money. The hub is real strong, and a nice Velo-padded saddle virtually identical to a KH.

As for ruining wheels, most of that comes from jumping technique. Some people could jump off a roof with a CX and, with good technique, ride it out with little to no damage.

Although, the DX has a narrower frame, and therefore cannot accomidate the famous 24"X3" Gazz, or something like that.

If your wife is telling you to buy a KH24. Go immediately to with credit card in hand so that the shipping process can get started. Then wait by the window every day for the UPS truck to get there.

Im pretty sure UDC has the kh24"wheel set. look on their catalog and look at off road wheelsets. it should be there.

heres the link


If you are planning on putting a DX wheelset on a yuni frame then you would also need to replace the seat post as the DX post is too wide for it. The total to do that is 323 at which point you are only 6 bucks away from getting a qu-ax muni which is I believe a better choice in the first place with brake bosses and a hub about the same as the DX but bigger tire, and you don’t have to worry about parts not fitting.