torker dx problem?

I’m not sure if something is wrong with my new torker dx or not but when i ride it it seems alot harder to ride for longer distances than my other unicycles and when i ride one footed i find it hard to keep my speed up and i’ve never had that problem on my other unicycles. i was thinking it might just be because it’s heavier and bigger wheels than the others i have.

sounds like just you.

are your bearing caps too tight, or is the frame rubbing the axle/hub
check those things first. you should have just enough pressure on the bearing caps to eliminate slop when you jump. you do not want to put any more than that on them.

Maybe your tire pressure is too low? What size tires are on your other unis? There is more rolling friction with a Creepy Crawler than say a Hook Worm.

i checked the bearing caps and they were fine and the frame is not rubbing. my tire pressure is 32 the minimum is 35 but i tried it at 40 and didn’t make to much of a difference. my other one is a 2.125 and that does make a little difference but not that much

Lighter pedals should help some

You can get plastic pedals really cheap, to test it out. I like plastic pedals.:slight_smile:

Lighter pedals make a very small difference on anything less than a 29" wheel as far as making it easier to pedal.

i do have the torker dx plastic pedals on there. maybe it is something wrong with the bearings i’ll have to re check it today.

Torker DX comes with metal pinned Welgo pedals.

If you hold the unicycle in the air and spin the wheel, does it spin freely or does it lock up or making a grinding noise? If it spins freely the issue is just more likely the fact that you need to get used to the wider knobbier tires.

yeah, one footing on an LX feels like flying to me, its so fast. maybe it is the new unicycle, but make sure your pedals and wheel spin freely

Heavier uni, bigger tire with softer rubber, more tire is touching the ground, with more grip.

You get used to it, and soon youll be able to ride it smooth and fast.

i found out it was the bearings being to tight. the person who had it before me must have had it really tight because i had already loosened it but not enough i guess. this time i took it all apart and made it as loose as it could be without anything being loose and i rode it about 7 miles yesturday and i was tired but not near what i would have been. and i also found some crates so i my set up a course soon if they will give me them free.