Torker DX problem

I bought a 20" Torker DX a couple months ago, and love it, I might add.

A couple neighborhood kids have been practicing with it, and I noticed after they left the wheel jiggled. So I tightened the bearing holders (by which I mean the allen bolts which go in the botton bracket holding the bearing). After that I noticed the wheel drags at one point in the rotation.

Any ideas what this may be?

The bearing holders rub the axle…

… Take off the holders and look at the axle AND the holders.

File the holders where the paint is rubbed off.

I had to do BOTH holders on mine brfore I could ride.
(new, out of the box)

Use a round file.

Also, you may have tightened one side of the holder more than the other.

It may take a couple times to get it right.

I had that same prob…I never knew hwat it was, I just left one side not as tight…

Just don’t over tighten the bearing holders…

That wasnt the case with mine.

If I left the holders loose, you’d end up breaking off the brackets.

There was no way I could snug it up, without locking the wheel in place.

I believe the axel bushings were out of spec.
(too large of a diameter)

Please help me get the naming correct.

Holders - flying-U shaped w/two allen bolts, goes in opposite the end of the fork, right?

Bearings - those round spinny knobs, like a very thick coin, mounted on the ends of the axle, that is held by the holders?

My holders are not too tight, at least they’re similar to my other 4 unicycles. My wheel doesn’t lock up , it just has a point in the spin where the rotation slows a noticable tad. There’s a sound like the rubbing of the tire, but this stock tire is WAY far from touching the 2005 DX frame.

Digitaldave - are you saying my bearings need to come off the axle for the inspection and filing?


Mine did that, I eveantaully just left it and the holders ground down a little groove were they rubbed and it fixed itself.

Yes, you got the naming correct, as far as I know.

If you need to know more, just ask.

To say my first post was lacking in content is an understatement.

Your naming is correct.

Assuming the bearings and the holders are the proper sizes, you want the holders to be tight, but loose enough that the pressure doesn’t effect how the wheel spins. Too much pressure on the bearings will damage them over time.


No No No … not at all …

Just remove the holders… and look at the axle for scraping.
This will be obvious, since the axle is black.

If you see scrapes … the look at the holder.
The holder will have paint removed from the contact with the axle.

File the holder where the paint was removed from contact with the axle.

Cool. Thanks guys.


Mine’s doing the same thing. I’m going to have to have a look when I get home.

Well this seemed to be the exact problem. The holder was digging into the axle. A quick filing job and it seems good as new.

Your Welcome :smiley:

Happy Riding !

Oops, err…Thanks!

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