Torker DX problem--crank slop

Yesterday, my son was riding his DX24 for the first time in a couple weeks; the last time it had been ridden was by my buddy, who’s considerably heavier than my son, on what I’d call a black diamond trail. Anyway, my son said noticed there was a “catch” in the cranks–a slight sense of movement. So I rode it and felt the same thing, which is hard to describe, but feels almost like something slips every half-revolution or so when putting power into the cranks. So, when first getting going, or when hitting the brakes, it’s more noticeable than when just cruising along.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, without fixing the problem:

    removed wheel from frame
    removed cranks
    cleaned and lubed splines and cranks
    replaced wheel bearings with new ones
    removed, lubed, and tightened pedal spindles
    put everything back together

As I said, this hasn’t fixed the problem. Any ideas about what it might be? It’s nothing that can’t be lived with, but it is annoying.

Make sure the pinch bolt is sufficiently tight.

Hub keyway.

This was the diagnosis to the sound from my DX24.

grab both cranks and rock it back and forth. if you feel the slip then it is probably the hub. ( i am thinking of what the 04kh hubs do, and you fix it by taking the hub bolt and running it all the way in with out the cranks on then take it out) not sure if that would work for that though

Yeah, it’s the hub’s keyway, and when it gets loose it’s referred to as keyway slop. This same thing happened to a friend of mine’s DX. Still rideable, and he said after awhile he didn’t even notice it anymore.

After a year and some months of riding my DX, the right crank comes loose now. The pinchbolt on that side is also stripped, so I just had to tighten the crankbolt after every 5-10 rides.

this happened to my learner uni. the problem was i had cracked where the hub connects to the flange, i doubt that happened to oyu DX though.

It might be something simple, like not having one of the crank bolts tight enough, or not having the bearing holders tight enough.

If you can make any of those wiggle by pushing it back and forth with your hands, it’s not tight enough.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s not the crank bolts, pinch bolts, or bearing holders, as these are all tight. I can’t wiggle anything with my hands–it’s all solid. It’s only detectable when riding.

So I’m thinking it may be this keyway issue. Is there anything that can be done about it? Can it be unslopped?

what you shuld do is have your son hold it up in the air and have him spin the cranks and you shuld lay under it and see if you can see what the problems is and see if you can fix them

Well, I think it was JC who went to a lot of trouble taking apart his Profiles to fix the keyway slop (and documented it in the gallery) but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble I think.

eh, i called torker and talked to them about it, they wouldn’t cover mine because it was “rider abuse”, but it definitely sounds like keyway slop, i tried everything to make mine go away… there is a way to press the axle out and replace the keyway, but what direction and how…

to tell if its keyway slop, hold the tire firmly on the ground so that it can’t spin, and see if you can 1) see the other crank moving 2) see if you can make the “click” go back with the opposite crank.

JC? Hmm … Julius Caesar? Jesus Christ? John Childs? Probably the latter, unless I missed the parable of the keyway slop …

Thanks again for the tips.