Torker DX pedal size?

anyone know what size they are? because im in the market for some new ones.

Riley C.
edit- oh yeah! what kid of pedlas should i get?

primo tenderizers?
jimmy C’s?
i would like to keep the price range under 30 bucks.
and where should i get them from?

i was looking on Dan’s Comp.

Thanks again!

Riley C.

Most (if not all) unicycles, including the DX, use 9/16 inch pedals.

ok thanks alot! i just want to be possitive that they are 9/16 anyone else sure?

Yes, its 9/16s.

get the jimmy c’s

it’s sort of like everything else in unicycling. it by what you like and how they feel under your feet

whatta? lol ill get the jimmy c’s

I think every unicycle except older ones, like the schwinns, use 9/16ths.

I have the Primo Super’s on my 24" DX, they grip okay, pretty good but nothing spectacular. They have a big platform, but they are really heavy. I say try the Jimmy’s. They will be the next pedal I buy, I probablly won’t get the Primo’s again when mine need to be replaced.

the only thing about the jimmy c’s is that they aren’t too grippy. It’s all preference. I’m using DK distortion pedals on my trial right now. They are really nice and grippy. There a little pricey, but they are sealed also. There are some nice pictures on

umm, i have a cycle pro that uses smaller pedals than my DX
one of my bikes uses the same pedals :thinking: