Torker DX owners look here

i just wanted to convey that you sould be getting a unistand with your DX free at no extra charge.

ive ordered two of these and in the box comes a really nice uni stand.if you didnt get one,ask questions.


Re: Torker DX owners look here

I got a stand with my DX. Only problem, I cannot figure out how it is supposed to work. I can take a computer apart and put it back together but I don’t see how the uni-stand is supposed to work. Does the uni just lean against the stand with the wheel on the ground or does the uni hang on the stand somehow? Can you post a picture of a DX that is correctly mounted in the stand?

That might work. The middle of the crank goes on that ledge part of the stand, the one side of the fork gets hooked on that hook. It took me a while to figure out too.

Jeesus. Sorry that was so big.

what you do to get the uni on the stand is first hook the top part of the stand around the frame of the uni, then you rest the bearing holder on the little platform on the stand. It takes a little while to get used to how it works.


You bought another torker …? :thinking:

I could have sworn you just ‘parted’ one out a couple months ago …

BTW, The stand was the main reason my DX arrived with damage.
It was loose in the box, and dig / scraped everything.

I got one of those stands when i got my LX, it took me like 10 minutes how to figure out how it works though. I think it is more of a display stand though becuase you have to like rap the uni around the stand. So it just is kind of unecessary i think.


nope this stand is from the same one i rebuilt without the splined cranks, now with a 48 hole UDC hub and 127mm cranks.

as for the stand messing up you paint, i can see that but the “main” problem was who ever packed the box not the stand itself. both mine were scratch free.

i like the stand, once everything is in place its really stable.

I have no use for the stands.(i have…3?:slight_smile: )There nice if you dont use the uni too much,but its such a hassle to be getting it on and off the stand 20 times a day,every day.I use a ceiling hook.