Torker DX or Nimbus

I’m just getting use to this unicycle thing, but I got my unicycle from a thrift store (it’s a hedstrom, so it was falling apart as soon as i got on it). Having exhausted my references (there weren’t many to begin with) I want to get something that will last. I would eventually like to get into mountain unicycling, so I’ve narrowed it down to these two models:

Nimbus 24" MUni Cycle with ISIS hub
Torker DX 24"

Advice and insight ASAP would be appreciated.

24" Nimbus with Isis hub hands down. The Nimbus is lighter, compatible with more parts, and just an better all around unicycle.


If you are learning I would buy the Nimbus and get a hookworm tire for road riding. That would be a nice setup for learning the basics. Switch back to the knobby tire when you get into muni.

Wow- Thanks for the quick response time. I decided to get some practice in and ride my clunker to drop of a job resume. I got there and on my way home the crank broke (it truly is a piece of junk). I was expecting to order something in the next week, and expecting maybe one or two replies. Thanks for helping me out.

Replace them w/ one of these. Hopping wears out parts on learning unis much faster.

The Prowheels are stronger, but they are out of 127 mm at the moment.

When you get it fixed you can use it for freestyle or as a loaner.

Haha- hopping? Not quite. I was simply riding up the ramp to the sidewalk. I’ve been too afraid to try hopping at all- not on this thing. As you can see from the pictures (that hopefully are displayed) a regular crank won’t solve anything. Hedstrom made their cranks and hubs all one piece. I’ll be lucky if I can get it welded together

Definately get a new uni!