Torker Dx or Nimbus Trials?

I am having a hard time deciding on which uni i should get… I intend on taking it on some light trails, but with a few large jumps. Also, a little bit of freestyle on fresh blacktop, And some street trails(I.E. stairs and jumping off picknick tables). What do you guys think I should buy for my next uni?

Well the DX has Splined cranks and you can take it off of much Higer jumps and the tire is skinnier which is better for freestyle.
The Nimbus, on the other hand, has a wider tire which will allow you to hop higher, but no drops for that becuase of the unsplined cranks… if it was me i would Get the DX.


DX my reasion is the dx is stronger and you can add a wider tire or conevert it into a 19 2.5 like im thinking of doing