torker DX hub?

how in the world do you take it apart??
I got the bearings off, but the spacers go under the hub and seem extremely hard to get off. I need to replace the keyway in the hub. a section drawing would probably help a lot, or one completely taken apart.

The “keyway” is not a component in the hub, its pretty much an intricate part of the shell. To “replace” they keyway you need a new hub.

so i need to send it in for warranty?

If it’s still covered…

should be, its not quite a year old I think.

in that case i guess try send it back…

i found a phone # and called and they said that it is just wear and tear (yeah, bs… but whatever I tore the crap out of it so I can’t argue that)

if anyone has taken one apart, or a qu-ax hub
i don’t know if it is built like the profile hub.

grrrr forgot to edit

if anyone has taken one apart, or a qu-ax hub I would REALLLY like to know the best way to do so.

If your keyway is elongated, it’s going to be SO much easier to buy a new hub. If you don’t know what a keyway is, Your axle has one “spline” or raised ridge on it running the full length of the area that is inside the hub body. The hub body has a groove cut into it to fit the groove on the axle. The axle is pressed in there.