Torker DX Frame SNAPPED

Ehh it finally happned. My frame broke off today. I already am getting a KH trials unicycle for Christmas but thats a long time away. The frame breaking lets me be able to send it back to Torker and get a new frame right? If so, does anybody know the email address so I can send it back? Thanks.


never mind… my dad welded it and it should last until christmas… if not then he will weld it again:D gotta love having a welder at home

It’ll probably hold up then. I got mine welded a while ago and it’s still fine. But I got a nimbus x frame now so when it breaks again i’ll just put the nimbus on.

welding it works. but to make it really strong what you so is drill a hole in the bottom of the frame (below the tube) and weld it on the top and bottom. not as good looking as before but is a lot stronger.

Welding works, but of course, getting a KH works better :slight_smile: .


i dont care about looks… ill do that if the weld brakes

be care ful be cause mine turned out crooked when it was welded and it makes it weird to ride… but still rideable.

i piece of the base frame broke off with it so it fit together like a puzzle so it came out really straight:D

Ohh man I have seen to many of these threads. I think they can have a just for hte frames. I have broken 3 myself, and a yuni frame (rust build up and big drops) YOur best bet is to reweld or buy a new frame none Torker. Get a yuni or a Kh if ya have the money. The cheapest strongest you can do is just buy a torker and replace the frame with a yuni… THe unis are farely indestructable bu thte frames are waaay to weak! But its great for drops, I have snapped a crank off and bent a couple torker hubs but I do more and higher drops than most lol. I need to stop for the sake of me knee :-D. But bro just grab a 40 buck yuni youl be a lot happier and your uni will be a lot lighter too!

ARG I really need to stop logging in with my old name!

Whee, I get to revive the broken Torker thread!

Mine just cracked tonight when it tried to wrap itself around a pole on a failed coasting attempt. Ah well, it’s lasted over a year, which is suprising. I think I know what I want for Christmas now…

oh, we can fix that…

and add some gussets while we’re at it

Do the 06 Torker frames have a flexy feeling to them if you try to flex it? My 07 feels solid as a rock.

i know how you feel, but my first frame was an 05

I FIXED MY CRANKS(they had a slight slop to them for like 4 months)

i stuck a piece of a washer into the gap where the pinchbolt tightens, on the opposite side from the axle, and tightened it until I was afraid of breaking off the bolt. IT WORKED, it doesn’t slop anymore… so if you have that problem you can fix it like that.

Too bad! Looks like both of us had bad luck recently! Well I do have a TIG welder if you ever need it, but sounds like you and your dad have it covered.

mine looked like that for almost a MONTH!!

Mine should only look like that for a couple more days! I’ll just hold off on the riding for a while, which will be a slight bummer. I actually got the wheel to flip halfway around today on my crankflip attempts, and I was able to hop from the tire back down to the pedals for the first time.

we’re working on the DX frame that spudman broke, the cracks are welded and now he’s making the sheetmetal gussets to weld on and make it strong.

but meantime we modified his extra LX frame to clear the DX tire (with a hammer) and spread the fork out so the DX hub would fit, he rode it around just a little and said it feels pretty good

here’s one of the gussets spudman made being test fit