Torker DX+Extras & Giraffe

Hey, I know you gave a lot of information on it, but I was wondering how “extreme” your usage of it was?
Lots of drops?
Anything like that?
Let me know asap.

I did drops, but nothing bigger than 3-4 feet. I didn’t do grinds, but I spent a little time doing crank grabs. The cranks are a little scratched, but it is purely aesthetic damage.

Ooooh, if only I wasn’t saving up for my trip this year! sigh

Thanks for teh PM.
I replied and waiting!

I sent a PM regarding shipping information.

Some more shots of the Torker

The Torker DX is still for sale.

The price is now $125.

what is the weight of the dx?

I am looking to buy this one.

The Torker DX is now SOLD.