Torker DX+Extras & Giraffe

Torker DX+Extras

Torker DX Specs:
-KH Fusion Street Saddle(Red, minor tear)
-Torker DX seatpost
-Nimbus QR Clamp (Stock red double bolt seatpost clamp included!)
-Torker DX Frame
-Stock Torker DX Wheel
-24 Butterfly Metal Pedals(moderate amount of pins)
-CC has a fair amount of tread left.
Starting Price: $150

-Torker DX Seat $20
-Wellgo Pedals(stock on Torker DX) $8
-Worn Odyssey PC Pedals Free with purchase of either unicycle!

Pro Unicycle Giraffe

I bought this unicycle of of craigslist. The chain has a little slack, the seat is torn, and the neck of the frame is slightly bent(I cannot notice the bend while riding).
$25 gets the unicycle.

Buyer pays shipping on all items.


Local pickup is welcome. Feel free to ask if you want to see more pictures.

sorry but where exactly are you?

I’m located in Maryland, just above Washington, DC.


Will you send to Europe?

If you are willing to pay the shipping, I don’t see why not. You can PM me your information if you want me to calculate the shipping.

Also include which unicycle(s) you’re interested in so I can figure out the weight.

I’ll buy the giraffe :smiley: Can’t beat that price, and fixing it up would be cheaper than getting a new one. I live in NoVa, an hour away from DC. Send me a PM with your address, or email to

Email Sent.

I might buy the torker. About how much would it cost to ship to California?

Can you either post or PM me your zipcode? I can’t calculate shipping without it.

Check your PM’s. I sent the price.

The Giraffe is SOLD. Torker DX and parts are still available.

bump Torker DX and Parts are still available.

I’m definately interested I’ll PM you my zip code.

I want the Torker and can paypal whenever, my zip is 49269.

The torker wasn’t the size I was looking for so still for sale I think.

How big is the Torker?


Is it still for sale?

Yes, it is still for sale.

PM’d You about the Torker.