Torker DX Cranks

Occasionally when I’m out riding my DX, I’ll miss the pedals on a jump or a trick, and I’ll slam the arch of my foot down pretty hard on the cranks.

This really hurts. I noticed both the nubs and the pinchbolts, am I hitting those?

Something wrong with my cranks?

Wrecking hurts.

You probably are hitting the nub or something, or just getting your foot twisted weird.

How long have you been riding your DX?

When I first got mine, I hit the nubs a bit on stairsets, but after a little I changed my foot positioning just a little and stopped hiting my ankles.

I know what you’re talking about…that’s one of my least favorite parts about the DX. My friend has bloodied himself up a good few times on his ankles because of those.

How should we know if you’re hitting them?

Look at your pedals when you jump on them, maybe you won’t miss.

I just wanted to know if this was a common problem.

I’ve been riding my DX for about 2 months now.

DX cranks arms (and any others with nubs) can be a problem for ankle biting or general snagging on pants, shoes etc) Some folks on this site have removed the nubs. Try a “search” to see some different methods of nub removal

Anyone know if you can use KH or qu-ax cranks on a DX? Or are they non standard? Not ISIS? Cuz that would sorta suck if they were…

They are certainly not ISIS or part of any standard. I’ve heard that some of the old (non-isis) qu-ax cranks work on the DX though.

Yeah, here’s a pair off UDC…still has nubs tho

but can you upgrade your hub to ISIS?


no, do not put other cranks on the DX.
they will not work correctly.

there is a tutorial on how to grind off the nubs, thats the best option… move your feet is a useless peice of advice.