Torker DX crank problem

Hi there,

I have had a 2010 Torker DX which I purchased new less than a year ago. Recently, in the last couple of months, the cranks have begun to move laterally (ie. side to side) slightly, while having no play rotationally.

Trying to diagnose the problem, I discovered that the cranks appear to seat onto the ISIS shaft too far, so that the crank is below the rim of the shaft, and the bolt cannot hold it tight. At first I thought the crank might be on backwards, but the threads for the crank removal tool are only on one side.

Has this been a problem with the Torker, or is it just me? - and is it a problem with the hub/shaft or the crank? Is there a solution? (ie. are there washers that will fit over the ISIS splines that I could use to eliminate the movement?
Maybe these will help? there are a couple different sizes on the UDC USA website

I had the same problem on my Trials unicycle (not a Torker though). I used wider spacers and it helped. It stills move a little bit, but I can’t do anything for it as far as I know. There’s not much to do with that kind of problem. I hope it helped.