Torker DX Crank compatibility

First off, how many splines are on the DX hub? Second, I have heard that 04 KH cranks fit on the DX hub, is this true? If there are any other compatible cranks please list, and this would be for the DX trials, so no cranks over 145mm.

Thanks in advance for whatever advice you can give me.

-Conrad Nguyen

The only cranks I’m aware of that are compatible are the redline 170mm cranks. I haven’t heard anything about the old KH cranks fitting.

I’m trying to see if anyone has used haro sub c cranks with the DX, and I’ve kinda used the transitive property of equality to show my reasoning.

  1. Qu-Ax cranks fit the DX hub, maybe not the tightest but they do.
  2. Qu-Ax cranks have been put on the KH 2004 hub and have worked
  3. Zack Baldwin has put Haro Sub-C cranks on his summit, which has the same hub as the KH 04.
  4. By the transitive property of equality, Haro cranks should fit on the dx hub.

Can anyone confirm this?

edit: just remembered there are qu-ax cranks on the hoppley, too, which has an 04 kh hub.