Torker DX 24" ??

Is the Torker DX 24" a good cruiser model, i am thinking about getting one. I have been using a 20" for about…5 years now and I want a larger wheel. Does anyone know anything about this model. Also the seat looks like a Kris Holm seat, is it just modeled after it? If this isnt a good model can someone direct me to a better cruiser model. I would mainly be using it to ride around campus (maybe a couple miles) and jumping up stairs, onto things, maybe doing slight trials.

Although I have never ridden a DX, I think they are a very good deal and will fill the needs you have listed. If you aren’t planning on doing anything hardcore, I’d also look into getting a Torker LX. The LX is cheaper but not as strong and the seat isn’t as comfy.

Another thing to consider is the wheel size. If you are going to do several miles on it on a regular basis, you might want a larger wheel.


I am basically deciding over the Torker DX or the Nimbus 24 freestyle(I havent heard anything about this model though). Or, maybe i will just not get a 24" and get a larger wheel, but I am pretty sure I will settle with a cruiser.

i ordered a torker dx through my magic shop last thursday… the owner said he should get the shipment in by this weekend, i’ll let you know what i think when it comes in, but i pretty much decided after looking at all the unicycles online that the dx looked like a good bet.

I think of wheel size like a time line.


Pick any point and that size Uni will also touch on some of the aspects of the sizes on either side. For instance, a 24 has similar attributes to a 20 and a 26. The 29 can ride long distances like the 36 but also ride the faster MUni trails like the 26. The 26 can also, however, ride the tougher MUni trails that are difficult on the 29.

Basically, my 2 cents is to widen your gap initially and fill in the spaces later. That way you cover more of the range sooner. Start with a broad brush, work on the fine nuances later.

Step 1: …20…
Step 2: …20…29…
Step 3: …20…24…29…
Step 4: …20…24…29…36

20 freestyle, 24 MUni, 29 touring, Coker
But you might want a 20 Trials before long
You’ll be prepared for anything. I really like the 29er because with a change of $25 cranks it goes from MUni to Urban Touring. ($25 for a “new” Uni). Very versatile ride. On campus it can zip along at 10 mph or more. Or ride slowly alongside your 24" friends. (Then leave them in the dust at will)

All that being said, if I could only have one uni for the rest of my life it’d be a 24" MUni. But if I were you I’d look closely at the 29 next.

torker dx 24

Get the torker. Mine came today and I can say without a doubt that it is a standout value. On e-bay they run under $150.00 plus about $25.00 shipping. Different length splined cranks are also available for this model from e-bay and bike shops. It also appears that a 2.7" downhill tire might fit(barely) The seat is a velo(KH Imitation),and quite comfy.

would you recommend the Torker DX over the Nimbus 24 freestyle? Does anyone have info on the Nimbus 24 freestyle? Also is the Yuni 24-inch Freestyle with Hookworm Tire worth it? Sorry I have so many questions, but I would really appreciate any information on those three unicycles.

may be a tad late…

my unistar dx came in a week or so ago, but since i ordered it from a magic shop and failed to specify seat post length they sent the biggest imaginable… but regardless it is now rideable and i have never loved an object as much as i love this unicycle. moving from a 3 year old dead savage to this was an increadable shock to me, and i’ve been riding twice as much as i used to. it’s lighter, stronger, quieter, and all around wonderful. i’ve not ridden a nimbus, but i don’t see why i would get one, my new baby is more then i could ask for… at least until i get the money for another!

mid kickup small.jpg

Thanks for the review. I am going to get a new unicycle sometime over the summer, I just have to make up my mind on whether to get a 24" unicycle (i would get the torker DX if i got a 24), or a 29" unicycle. The downside to the 29" i would think would be that i couldnt do as many tricks on it as the 24", but i could go much faster and further.

My DX just came last week too i dont know much about the nimbus but the DX is pretty good.

First of all i would like to say that i am new to this board and i am so happy and stoked on it…the vibe here is super rad!

i just got into uni about 4 days ago and i got hooked so good that im lookin at my torker lx right now and cravin to ride…

so far i am happy with my lx and wish i could have sprung for the dx, but the money factor came into play.

i want to get a bigger tire on it for muni and trials riding…does anyone know what the biggest tire i could get on it is?..i know a 3.0 is outa the question, but how big can i go?

can someone also break down the differences between the lx and dx?


oh ya i almost forgot …what are some good tire (names/brands) for a first muni/trials tire upgrade?


The DX offers some significant improvements over the LX for the extra money.

Namely, splined cranks 155mm in length compared to 140mm square tapers. (Splined are MUCH stronger) A Velo seat, rather than the Miyata-style. (More comfy, more padding, better handle I think) A fatter tire. (2.3" vs. 1.95") Metal pedals with pins vs. plastic.

I got a 2.7" tire on mine, but I’m at work and can’t remember the brand name. It BARELY fits. Rocks clink off the frame a lot. :angry:
If this thing’s frame were 1" taller, it would take a 3" tire no problem and be an awesome MUni. Alas!

elmer thanks for the responce man! that info was very helpful.

so let me get this right you have a lx with a 2.7 on it?
and you say that you get some flyin’ rocks but other that it fits ok and you dont get any rubbin???

if you could also let me know what the brand of your tire is too, when you get the chance and how much it cost i would appreciate it.

thanks again

Well, sort of

I have the DX, not the LX. My tire is a Maxxis High Roller downhill tire with a downhill tube, 24" x 2.7", and it fits, but just barely. It also has some wear on it, so I can’t say that a new one wouldn’t rub. But if you have access to a belt sander you could remove some rubber easily enough. Or if you’re careful, you could smash the frame down (up?) with a sledge hammer:D This tends to move the frame legs toward one another, so use a block of wood to hold them apart before trying it. Another advantage of the DX is that the cranks that torker makes for its’ BMX bikes fit this unicycle. I purchased a set of 180mm cranks just for fun on the really steep uphills, and I’ve had a blast with them, but they also make other lengths. These cranks appear to be very much a quality component. I doubt seriously if I could ever break them. I have several experiments going with this Torker DX, including a trials conversion for my son. And I want to see what other frames this wheelset will go into. If it fits my nimbus frame, I could mount a 3" tire and have a great splined-crank muni. :sunglasses:

A 48 spoke DX 32 rim is available in Europe, and John Drummond of has told me he intends to order some. Let’s continue to encourage him! This rim provides the additional width you need for the wider tires not to roll on sideways hops.

elmer thanks again for the info…

well i finally went out and got a new tire for my lx…i got the 2.5 maxxis high roller…it rubs a bit on the crown but fits fine side to side…i think im gonna try the sanding option first and if that seems to not work then i may try the hammer.

next question and im sure this is one of the most asked questions by a newbe but here it goes anyway…

what is the differnce between splined and non splined cranks?
i have figured out that they are stronger but is that the only difference? or are there application differences too?
for example would i be able to upgrade my cranks on my lx to splined ones?