torker DX 24

Good condition Torker DX 24 with Intense Duro tire for sale. Including boxing and shipping I’m asking $200. Recently I purchased and installed new bearings.

Still available? ?

Is this beast still available? ?

Still available

yes the muni is still available

Still available? ?

What is the closest to $150 you could possibly let it go for? ?

price drop

I am willing to lower the price to $150. I have several other muni and prefer someone get joy out this one.

Still for sail?

Let me know.

Still for sale?

Is the item still for sale?

Not sold yet

I’ve had a lot of interest, but so far no one has committed to purchasing my muni. The price remains $150 shipped.

Torker DX 24"

I would like to purchase this Muni for the aforementioned price of $150 USD.
Trevor Everling

Torker DX 24"

Please let me know of your preferred method of payment.
Trev. Ev.

Still for sale?

Is this Muni still for sale? Please let me know if it is not.
I will retract my deal on the Muni in 5 days starting the 22nd.

Sorry for the early notice, but I must retract my offer early due to the purchase of a different DX Unicycle. Good luck selling this one!:slight_smile:

TREVor EVerling

Where is this uni located?

Is the uni still for sale?

Please email at