torker dx 24" review

I got a 24 " torker Dx last august. so far I’m impressed,I’ve taken it on jdrops up to 4 foot, hopped a lot, and took it offroad. It takes everything extremely well. I got a 2.6 inch knobby tire for it, works great. If you want to take it offorad upgrade the tire. The hardest I was on it was at moab muni fest, it held its own against even the more expensive unis. another guy that had one took a 5 foot drop and tacoed his rim, so the rim might be cheap. the hub seems amazing, so far, the only thing I would change to is a profile poznater hub and cranks. the seat was uncomfortable at first but I’ve gotten used to it, wouldn’t mind a airseat. overall I would say it is awesome for its price, a hunter or kris holms is about the only one I would prefer over it.

Why is your name montana if you live in wyoming?

I have a 24" DX with a 2.6 tire aswell, I rode mine at moab 05 to, did the same drop as the guy that tacoed his, and luckily mine was okay. You do have to watch the rim, any hard landing that puts pressure sideways will tacoe it (thats what he did)

My friend is very pleased with this uni. I tried and i liked it alot. Those pins are scary though. My friend cut up his whole leg on them and they stabbed me once

If you’re going to be treating the DX to some abuse I would suggest taking it to a good bike shop first and have all of the spokes tensioned. That will strengthen up the wheel. The factory built wheels from Taiwan can be really loose and poorly built. Getting it hand trued and tensioned will make it much better.

The downside to the DX is that it uses a 48 spoke hub and rim. If you do taco the rim it will be difficult to find a replacement 48 spoke downhill rim in North America. UK carries the 24" Halo Combat rim which is available in a 48 spoke version. Hopefully USA will be carrying that same rim. People with the 48 spoke hubs need a good rim and right now there are very few sources for such a rim.


I work with a guy from Poland who legally changed his name to Montana Kid. That’s what it now says on his drivers licence, etc. Sigh.

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