torker dx 24'' or 20''?

hey guys

im pretty new to the unicycling scene but my friend has a few unicycles and every time i go over there we ride them and i think im pretty good for how long ive been riding so i was thinking of buying my own ive decided on getting a torker DX but im not sure what size. i would like a 20’’ but i think i would be too tall for it (im around 6’0-6’1) so i was thinking of getting a 24’’ but i dont really plan on riding it over mountians and stuff.
what do you guys think?

My friend has a Torker 24" and I am impressed with it.
He rides it on difficult trails, does trials, and even does drops.
IIRC, the frame does not allow for many tire choices.

Not sure why, but I am less impressed with the 20"

  • I guess it’s because the 20" Nimbus trials is more impressive.

For someone your size, I think the 24 incher is better. Unless you are planning on doing tricks, the 24 will be a more practical ride as it will be faster and better able to go over rough terrain.

My $.02

forget how big you are
more jumping/more tricks - get the 20
more riding/more MUni - get the 24

am i the only one who thinks that riding style is infinitely more important than rider size?

i didnt plan on going offroad im more into doing tricks so i was thinking of getting the 20’’ i was just thinking i might be too tall for it what do u guys think?

I’m 6’5" and currently 240 pounds (because I have been riding less and eating the same amount). 20" do seem “too small” to me for various reasons. Unlike what TheBadger587 said, the 24" wheel size will not drastically impair your abilities.
(Note the recent seat-out hop photo at MOAB by Kris Holm. The point being that Kris can seat out hop higher on a 24" than most can hop on 20").
I would guess that most of the advanced riders could go to rubber on a picnic table with a 24".

That said, there are tons of other benefits of the 24". I would guess that if all you want to do is play on artificial obsticles in your backyard, 20" trials would be the best (especially because no one will see you).
Else, the 24" is a great all-around unicycle.

thanks for the info guys i think im gunna go with the 20’’ and when i get it ill be sure to let you guys know how it turned out