Torker DX 24" Muni

I am selling my Torker DX. I learned to ride on this uni, so it is obviously used. Scratches & wear marks on the pedals, cranks, seat handle. Aside from these surface blemishes there are three things to know:

  1. I don’t like red so I spray-painted the cranks black. Not a great paint job, so it can probably be taken off pretty easily.
  2. I found the original seat-post a bit flimsy, so I replaced it with a thicker chrome-colored seat-post (see pic).
  3. I peeled the “Torker” stickers off (you would too).

Because of the scratches and these three modifications, I am offering this for $99. This is a good deal. I paid $340 (list price is $389). If you really would love to have this but can’t pay $99, pm me and we can figure something out. I would rather hand this over to somebody who will ride it than wrestle over a few coins. But if you can pay $99, great – it’s yours the moment you pm me.

I live in West LA.






would you take $75 for it?

I’ll buy it for $99 if there’s no bend in the cranks or creak or other functional problems. My brother’s pedal broke out from his standard because he’s learning tricks, and he really wants to ride again.

is this still avalable?

PM response sent

Hi RB2, I sent two replies to your PM but just in case they did not arrive, I am still intent on buying from you. Just let me know the shipping cost, and we can work out the payment. Please respond via PM.