Torker DX 24" Bearing Adjustment

Hey Guys,

I just got a used '07 Torker DX 24" and the bearings seem to be kinda tight unless I really don’t tighten down the cradle bolts much. They are barely past hand tight now, any more and it seems to really effect how easily the wheel turns. I’m concerned they may loosen up now. Any suggestions on adjustment?


The bearing cap bolts shouldn’t be very tight. You should use some sort of locking solution to keep them from loosening–either locknuts, Loctite, or lock washers.

The DX has locking nuts, the bolts on mine barely extend beyond the end of the nut. I find that provides sufficient tightness while not slowing down the wheel.

Check both bearing holders. You may have one side clamped pretty hard, so the little effect on the other side is really making a difference.

I keep both sides at an equal tightness, so the wheel can spin freely, and the nuts wont come loose.

On my 24" DX I tighten the caps untill it effects the wheel’s turning and back it off a quarter turn, and check it over the next coulple of days. If I didn’t tighten it enough it will loosen and I can feel a slight wiggle in the wheel (but not while riding) I then increase the tightness by a quarter turn then it’s good.

hmm make sure its not rubbing the hub as well. mine did that pretty bad for a while.
also, 8 ft/lbs of torque is reccommended

wow…that’s a lot of torque…

on the dx bearing caps, it says 40 inch/lbs, which is more like 3.3 ft/lbs.

I like machined bearing caps.