Torker DX 2006 User Reviews

If anyone has this uni
Could you post a robust review on it? I would appreciate it XD:D


great unicycle. totally solid. Nice cololoring. I like it.
good first trials uni, or even a second.

oh p.s
It has a splined hub right?
I’m pretty sure…

strong splined hub, good wheelset (rim/cranks/hub) tho the cranks are nice and heavy.
the best beginners trials unicycle (tho i have now broken (in this order) : pedals, saddle, frame, saddle)
dont let the fact that i have broken it discourage you, as I have been unicycling for just over 5 months and ride heavy trials on it.
much better choise that the nimbus trials (imho) as I would have also broken the hub/cranks if i had bought one of those.
Personally I would choose the qu-ax (splined) over this unicycle as the frame on the qu-ax is hell strong compared to nimbus.

Got the '06 24" DX. No complaints here. Very strong and reliable. You can’t beat the price for a splined hub/crank uni with the alex rim. No crank options is the only negative I can think of. :slight_smile:

Yup, that thar’s a good un.

The only problems I can think of is the evil ankle biting cranks (but that’s just me) and the seat is a little large (that’s just me, too.) It’s a great unicycle and it has held up perfectly. Looks sweet, too.


im gonna order one of these bad boys. but i know i want a 20 inch but im thinking i may want to use a 24 every now and then, so should i just get the 24 inch and an extra 20 inch rim and tire and hub and stuff so i can switch so i have both?

thats what I was going to do, but then I already have a Torker 24" so no need

The 20" torker DX has a Alex DX 32 19" trials rim right? I looked on and could’nt find it

Yeah, it has the Alex DX32 rim.

My DX has held up fine, I even did a very step muni run with it last night, it was great, kinda whippy, but I enjoyed it very much. Mainly I use it for trials, and have been doing about 3 foot drops on it and been fine, but i aslo noticed a new clicking sound, so im gonna check the bearings, and see if any spokes are lose, and it will be click free =p

have you done any maintenance on the hub/cranks? they need to be cleaned, and greased etc.

nope, not yet, ive only had it since last monday, so im gonna go through the maintenance on it now =p or maybe tomorrow if somehow i get tied uop with other things today

the only problem ive had with it is it eats my shoes (the crank arms dont hit my ancles much but they some how they keep eating the sides of my converse hitops) i have like 3 pairs of hitops that are all ripped massivly on the sides

but other than that its awsome

ps… ins nothin a little “duck tape on the shoe” wont fix

Weird, I havnt had any ankle/shoe biting problems with mine! I guess I’ve gotten lucky.

i have the torker dx 24" and its great. i have no problems at all with it. the only thing that has broken is the reflectors. pay attention to the nuts underneeth the saddle because i got a really nasty cut on one and i think i read somewhere on here that someone else had the same thing. Other than that its def worth getting

My nuts are perfect.

(haha, I had to say that)


I just got one recently. I haven’t rode it much yet, but from what I have seen its great! The tire handles well in the crazyness of sloppy roads and it is so grippy. It is also beautiful. It is a bit heavy, but compared to a bike, its nothing!

I too found those nasty nuts this last weekend, need to get a pair of gloves, or a file

This is my first uni, and well, as an ex avid mountian biker, the cranks eat my ankles good. but this has taken way more abuse then either of my past two mt bikes. So far it has held up to my numerous abusive sprawling wrecks, and is only now clicking a little while bunny hopping, to a huge thanks for that maintenance thread!

i think most saddles have those nuts, mine do and i have an lx, it was evan who cut his fingers twice in like ten mins in a video but on a kh saddle i think

my gloves heve holes in the finger tips so i still get cut