torker dx 2006 20"??

i not a begginger unicycler and i dont want to buy a beginner unicycle… is the torker dx good for intese street and trials?? or is it better to buy a more expencive uni???

yes the torker is good. after 50 different threads is that finnaly a good enough answer?lol. but yes ive heard that it is very good with the exception being that the replacement bearings are near inpossible to come by.

If you tighten the bearing caps correctly and don’t let them get rusty, etc. the bearings will last forever.

Tighten them just enough so that they aren’t loose, just make them snug. If they reloosen, tighten them up a LITTLE more.

I would call the 06 DX a beginner trials/street unicycle. You may want to get something else instead if you are conserned about weight and ankle-biting cranks. If you are really serious, you may want to try an Onza or KH instead. You could also do some research about the koxx one unicycle, I think they have a distributer somewhere in the US now.

I agree it is more of a beginner uni. Also the torker has 125mm cranks, not the best for trials. The KH, Onza and Koxx are all good uni’s ( I have a koxx uni and its great). You can buy the koxx at renagade juggling or ( germany, they ship worldwide).

this may seem like a obvious question but how would you keep bearings from rusting…i was worried about that happening on my lx and i want it 2 last a long time so when i get my dx i can load the lx 2 all my friends and reap a crop of unicycling minions…i mean uni buddies…

Do not leave it out in the rain, and if you ride it in snow or rain, at least dry everything off afterwards.

Also, make sure the bearing holders are not over tightened. Just make them snug. Push on it with your hand, if they wiggle tighten it up a little more, if not, they’re fine.

A nice way to protect the bearings from rusting is to spray a decent amount of WD-40 on the bearings, down the seat post tube and up the holes on the bottom of the frame legs, I noticed on my old LX that a lot of surface rust seemed to be coming down from my frame onto my bearings. WD-40 works well for water displacement and loosening rust.