Torker DX 20" vs 24"

i was looking to buy one of the unicycles mentioned in the title above, but had one question about the difference between the two.

does the difference in hight only concern my hight, or does it relate to what i want to do with the unicycle (ie trials or mountain uni)? :thinking:

thanks for the help!

If you want street/flatland/Trials, then get 20 inch if you are all about Muni then get the 24 inch. (24 inch can do trials/flatland/street, just much harder, same with 20 inch to Muni)

Both great unicycles though. You’ll love whichever one you get, they both have high seat posts, so I wouldnt say height mattered. So where are you buying your DX’s?

…or also using it for commuting.

well, i live in a hilly area with no flat roads and im just beginning… i may want to eventually ride around town. does either do both functions better then the other? can trials go very fast w/o much effort?

im looking around the “innertube” for one of the 2 for <$240 w/ s&h because thats all i have at hand right now…

any ideas where to look ?

I’d go for the one that sounds better to YOU, do you want to do trials, MUni, Distance? The 24 is the best all rounder for that. 24"ers are not bad for trials, I do it all the time on my KH24, I’m more used to 24’s because I feel too big for 20’s

exactly what i needed to hear, and luckily there’s one being sold on ebay right now

I was just saying that 24 best suits ME, what’s good for others is bad for some.

I would go with the 20"

I have been enjoying riding my 20 more lately. The lower falling height and speed make it less scarry and it’s harder to roll over bumps. All of that bump practice has improved my bump riding on my 24 w/o as much risk.

I ride my 2.5 mile commute almost every day. I can do it in 30-35 minutes (25 on my 24), but I usually meander and challenge myself, taking 45-90 min.

A E Bike has the KH 24 in stock
I know it says 575 $, but if you email them they will sell you one about 425 $
Long story, read this thread

If you can come up with a bit more cash and want to go 24", the KH24 is really sweet. Many pounds lighter then the torker.:slight_smile: