Torker DX 20" Tire Size

UDC says you cannot fit a Luna 20" Trials tire on the DX 20".
But Jagur has shown that a 3" Gazz Will fit on a Torker 24" which is supposed to be impossible. Does anyone know if the 2.5 x 20" tire will fit on the DX 20". I’m going to soon buy a low $ Trials and I would really like the strength of the DX. But more important I want a full size trials tire (2.5). So the Nimbus will be my choice if truly a 2.5 won’t fit the DX.

Re: Torker DX 20" Tire Size

Even if the Torker frame is wide enough to fit the Luna, it still wouldn’t work. The Luna tire fits on a 19 inch rim like the DX32 or Monty. The Torker comes with a 20 inch rim.

So perhaps I could use a 19" rim and spoke it to the torker hub?

You could, and it was something I was looking into for myself, the problem is that the Torker uses 48 spokes and most other rims use 32. Check this thread for more information:

The Onza Sticky Fingers 20"x2.4 fits a 20" rim

Somebody bring a bunch of those to the US! I think they are only available through UK.

Does anyone know if this tire will fit the Torker Frame? And is the stock rim wide enough for it?

Have any of you tried the Maxxis Creepy Crawler? It’s available in 19x2.0 and 20x2.0.

I just put a Maxxis Max Daddy 20x2.25 on my Torker LX and it fits with about 1/4 inch to spare from the top.

Im also looking to get a dx 20" for trials.Most likly ill go down to a bikeshop completly unprepared looking for a trials tire to fit it.
cant you just get a tire that is wider but not specifically for trials?
thats what id like to know.