Torker DX 20' for Trials?

how good do you think this bike would be for trials? it has a 2.125 inch wide tire instead of 2.5 . but everything else looks okay. would it withstand drops of say three feet and crank grabs and other trial manuvers?

Re: Torker DX 20’ for Trials?

Well firstly its unicycle not a bike…secondly yeah i think it would be fine, especially seeing as its splined, i don’t think that the smaller wheel size will make tooo much difference, but it will be a bit harder.

It’ll be okay for awhile, and if you get used to it, could be fine for you forever. But… I think after awhile the drops will start to get painful, without the cusion of the extra volume. You might also have other traction issues.

I dont know if it would work or not, but plausably you could rebuild the wheel with a dx32 and 2.5 tire in the future, if it turns out not to work in it’s current state.

Ps, anyone know how long those cranks are?

i’ve read in many threads the frame isnt wide enough for a 2.5" tire. otherwise, it’s a cheap trials cycle. keep in mind cheap is both good and bad. i think it’ll be just fine for hopping/dropping off of picinic tables.

The DX20 is fine as a heavy duty freestyle or light trials. I’ve got one as soon as they came out. I’m 180lbs do lots of 2 foot drops and one foot ups with no apparent damage to the uni or cranx yet. Picnic tables shouldn’t be a problem.

Max is right that it won’t take the place of a true Trials Tire. The landings are not as cushy and there is not as much spring for jumping.

The cranks are 125’s (5 inch) vs. the 140’s on the KH/Summit wheelset.

It makes a great street machine when you don’t need the full trials set up. The shorter cranks make it a bit faster.

A LUNA TRIALS wheel will fit in the frame. I put my Summit/KH wheelset in the DX20 frame and there is plenty of crown and side clearance.

THE PROBLEM IS THE OUTSIDE DIAMETER (OD) OF THE BEARINGS IS DIFFERENT BETWEEN THE TWO WHEELSETS. The KH/Summit Bearings are more than 40mm OD, the DX20 Bearings are under 40mm OD. A standard KH/Summit Wheelset will not seat into the DX20 frame.

Lacing up a 48 spoke dx32 trials rim onto the DX20 hub and a Luna trials tire should work.

I put up a few more pics at the end of my 2004 Torker Gallery. Here is the crown clearance of the Luna in the DX20 frame.