Torker DX '05 Model Purchased Today

This morning I bought an '05 Torker DX. I only rode it for about an hour on the sidewalk and crossing some streets pretty easy stuff.
I am amazed at how big this thing is though it just seems huge compared to my old CX. I can’t wait to get it on some trails maybe tommorrow but for sure by Wednesday!
Does anybody know the spec’s of this uni? Like what type of cranks it has specifically, or anything else you know about it would be greatly appreciated.
The bike store that I got it at also has a 5 foot Torker TX, that I may just need to buy before the end of the week.
Any advice on whether I should get the giraffe?

No, they are for pure novelty, there loose there glamour fast. It’s a good uni for a friend to have.


giraffes are fun for the first few hours, but then you go “hmmmm, i can’t actually travel any real distance on them, maybe i shouldnt have bought it”. thats what i did, except i made it.


DX unicycle

If you want THEE best Unicycle by Torker, this is IT.
The “D” in this case stands for Deluxe … and that it is. Made for going off road, the heavy duty DX is nothing short of top of the line – with Chromoly T-Drive cranks and alloy platform pedals.

Torker DX Unicycle - Available with 20" or 24" alloy wheels.

Fork: NEW: heavy duty Chromoly black

Crank: Tubular 4130 Chromoly T-Drive.

Tires: Kenda K-Rad tires

Rims: Alex Alloy black with polished sides (48 spoke)

Hub: Sealed cartridge bearing, black.

Saddle: DX Padded with front & rear scuff guards and composite handle.

S/Post: 400mm alloy, black.

Clamp: Alloy seat clamp w/ double allen bolts for strength.

Pedal: Alloy platform pedals, black.

Extras: Comes with V-stand

Color: Black

MSRP: 20"-$219.99 24"-$219.99

*actual dealer price may vary

i have a the same one (20") and it rocks, i’ve done some insane stuff w/ mine and it still is holding up perfect, other than the cranks coming loose the other day (after 2 months of riding 30 mins a day)

I got a tx. you will ride it a good bit for the first day but thats it. really the only time besides learning to mount it that I have rode it was for special stuff like charity stuff, If someone wants me to prove that i can ride it, and stuff like that.

Congrats. I’ve got both the 2005 and 2006 DX 24" unis. They’re both very well built and IMHO the best value out there. The biggest differences between the two are color (the '06 is mostly red, I lilke the '05 better) and tire clearance. The '06 will supposedly accept a 2.8" (I think) tire. I put a 24X2.5" in my '05 model and I had to beat a little divot into the frame crown for clearance. I’ve ridden the heck out of my '05 and have had no problems with it at all.

The '06 frame will accept a 3.0! I run a duro wildlife leopard 3.0. Still plenty of clearence, clarence!:smiley:

Just took it for a nice ride, it got pretty muddy but not as muddy any more, after some concrete riding. Went on a 20 foot long skinny, it was about 1 foot wide. I landed 4 crankgrabs but fell off 3 of them. I don’t think I will go for the TX.

i wouldnt go for the tx either, good decision