Torker Delay

I waited almost 2 weeks for my first unicycle, a Torker 20" Unistar Black, when I got it I opened it to see that…my dad ordered the wrong one. It was a Toker 20" Unistar Chrome. To cut a story short: Should I just keep this one or wait 3 months to get the other one? I heard the other’s a lot better but is it worth waiting 3 months?


Sorry nobody’s answered this yet. That’s probably because it’s a tough question that only you can answer.

First of all, welcome to RSU and welcome to the wonderful world of unicycling! You are going to love it.

Okay, this part’s none of my business, so forgive me, but I hope you are not mad at your dad. Mistakes happen. I’m sure you’ve made some mistakes that have affected other people. Anyway, on to your dilemma…

I’m not familiar with these unicycles, but just by comparing the specs, it seems that the black one has a better wheel, better tire, and better seat (although seat comfort is a personal thing – and I haven’t sat on either seat). The price difference between the two models is not that great, so I wonder how significant these differences really are.

On the plus side, the chrome one has a flat crown, which you may appreciate one day if you do freestyle (and you don’t really need a seat handle for freestyle or for basic riding either). AND, you have it. Whatever you decide to do, right now it’s YOUR unicycle. Isn’t that cool?

I have a Semcycle Deluxe. It’s chrome. I like chrome. It’s a heavy beast, but I like it. I also have a few all-black unicycles. I like black too. I think I like black better, but that doesn’t stop me from loving my chrome Semcycle. Which does NOT have a flat crown. Nor is the seat very comfortable either. But it’s a very special unicycle to me. In spite of all its faults. Because it’s the one I learned on. I will never sell it and replace it with one with a flat crown. It has sentimental value.

You can always buy another seat eventually. And when you wear out the tyre (by then you will be an awesome unicyclist!), you can put a better one on. And by then, you will know what “better” means. High pressure, non-marking freestyle tyre like the Primo The Wall, or something with a bit more grip for outside riding?

It looks like the black one is out of stock until July 7th. I’m very impatient and I could never wait that long. I say, learn to love the one you have, start learning TODAY, and spend the time between now and July 7th becoming an awesome unicyclist! You are young, so you will probably learn fast. By then, you may appreciate the flat crown (if you start doing one foot skills). If so, then today’s “mistake” will actually turn out to be the best choice! Also, this won’t be the last unicycle you will ever buy. Didn’t you hear? Unicycles are like potato chips – you can’t have just one.

If you look at your unicycle without comparing it to the other (pretend the black model doesn’t exist), do you love it or hate it? If the black one didn’t exist, would you have ordered the chrome? Probably.

Treat it like a person. Learn to love it and to overlook and live with its imperfections. You will be miserable until late in July if you don’t! You have to ride now!

This is just my opinion and what I would probably do. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you all the best!

Dave (uni57)

Re: Torker Delay

Lulie: I think the first response to your post was a great summary. In regard to the chrome Torker, I can tell you that I bought a chrome 16" Torker for my 8-year-old son to learn on. It is exactly like the chrome 20" you have, but a bit smaller. I can tell you that he loved it, and it was a great first unicycle. The flat crown can be a benefit for lots of tricks. They actually make a long seat-post extension for it which I’m going to purchase, so I can ride it too.
Obviously you need to make your own decision here, but I like that old quote about the “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. In the same time it will take you to send it back and get the new one, you could learn to ride and be on your way adding new skills and tricks.
Good luck, and welcome to a FUN FUN FUN sport!