torker cx

what is the biggist drop you could take one of these uni’s off of.

i am t going to get this uni for street because i am get a custom made uni but i thought this would be a pretty cool freestyle uni. i do street so i know it wouldn’t be good for street

i think you would be better off with somthing else if you want 2 do street

i just want something with a flatcrown until i get enough money to get the street uni i want. would it be better to just wait

get a torker lx cxs are a waist of money

just wait… well if u dont go an uni right now sure buy it… but if u have one wait


i have one but i want a new one. mine is a rounded crown and i hate it. it is also not that good for street because it isn’t strong enough. i have got a custom uni that i want and i am saving up for it so i will just keep saving

Like one foot

if i were given a cx for free. i bet i could destroy it in about an hour. i’d have to switch the seats though. no handle = suckage. but i’m 6’4 190 lbs and i bet i could land about 3 four foot drops then it’d be toast.