torker cx

hey i really need to sell this it comes with quax1 crank arms and torker dx pedals. willing to sell for around 100 maby less. it was only used a few times.

pics ? and location please

i live in u.s. and ill upload pics in a second. are u intrested how much would u be willing to pay.

im going to sell it on ebay soon if u want to buy

i need to see condition first and i mite be intrested in getting it befor the surly sells

sorry to be the voice of reality here but a used CX is not worth much, You can get a new one for $60 on ebay

You might have the best luck selling it if you list it on a more local service like craigslist

VicCity, you could easily get a much nicer unicycle for less here in Canada, especially with the exchange rates. Besides cross border shipping sucks once you factor in duties and brokerage fees which would probably add up to nearly the value of the unicycle.

that was the price i was thinking anyways and yup with the $ these days

wait what price were u thinging about. and how do i post a pic

Did you just post this in ny?