Torker CX Unicycling Stand

Well I love my new unicycle to death and all, but I seriously just do not know exactly how to use that stand they sent me. I don’t want it to take up space for nothing, and since I paid for it, I want something to do with it! Can anyone tell me how to use it? :thinking:

Could you find or post a picture of the stand?

Like this???

(first time posting a pic sorry if it doesnt come out)

…I feel stupid.

Ha! I know how you feel.

My Toker LX stand was different than that, it holds the uni by the crank. It took me a while to figure that stand out.

Oh yeah, those gave me nightmares.

my stand still confuses me…

Hope this helps :wink:

I just lean my uni up against my bike.

Ignore my last post, I had them numbered wrong and I couldnt edit my post after ten minutes time…here’s the corrected version :wink:

To be honest with you, I dont use the stand either, but I thought some pics on “how-to” might be useful.

…I like to hang mine from the rafters of my guest bedroom, right along side my two-wheelers: