torker cx tire pressure?

on the tire of my torker cx it says 40 pounds but i do that much and the tire isnt even hard, does anybody know what the tire pressure for my torker cx is supposed to be or what is wrond with my tire?
thanks to anyone who responds.

Check for a leak. My old CX tire is really pretty hard when filled up to the right pressure. If you’re used to a higher pressure nice freestyle tire like the hookworm or Primo Wall (although if you were used to those why would you be downgrading to a CX?!?) then it might just be different to you and that would make it seem really low.

40 psi is pretty squishy. My tire (the wall) runs at 85, and it’s like a rock. I feel like I’m riding on jello at 40 psi :stuck_out_tongue:

so should i put more than 80 in or no?