torker cx tire poped tonight please help!!!!

so i went to see the baseball tournement and my tire poped, actually the tube but can i just use any old bike tube the size it says on the one thats poped or what? and once i do replace it should i just use the tire pressure it says on the original tire or will it say a different one on the tube or what, and also please help as to what tubes are of good quality that i could get at a store like walmart or kmart or some place that i dont have to order offline
thanks to anyone who responds

Use the same size tube as the one that popped. The pressure on the tire is the pressure that you pump the tire up to. Before you replace the tube, check to make sure that there aren’t any spokes poking through into the tube. Check that the rim strap covers all of the spoke heads, and check the tire to make sure that there isn’t any foreign object embedded in it, like a nail, piece of glass etc.

thank you your help is worth a lot to me, as i am a noob at replacing tubes, I shall hope fully be able to change it tomorrow and post pictures of how I did it on my gallery so everyone can see if they ever have this problem not that it will be much of a help though.

There are some guides on the Internet that cover how to repair a flat bike tire. Same info applies to unicycles.
Park Tool: Removing and Installing Tires
Park Tool: Repairing Tubes

Sheldon Brown: What Every Cyclist Should Know About Flat Tires

The guides go into a lot of detail and make it look more difficult than it actually is. Don’t let the length of the guides and the details put you off. Replacing a tire on a Torker CX is easy. Some other tire and rim combinations are difficult (Coker and Airfoil, Alex DX32 trials, and some others). The Torker CX is an easy one.

The important part is to figure out what caused the flat and fix that problem if it’s going to cause another flat. Things like spoke holes exposed, the rim strip out of place, and spokes that are too long can be a source of flats and those types of problems need to be fixed before you put in the new tube.

wait, am i supposed to glue in the tube cause my other one wasn’t glue’d in

There is no glue involved unless you’re patching the old tube and then you’re only gluing on a small tube patch. If you’re starting with a brand new tube there is no glue involved.